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  1. nope none yet, I think im gonna put it on hold and just get my music the old fashion way.. thanks for all the help guys
  2. k ill do that, i have finals this week in college, but by this weekend ill try to get it working
  3. I have mozilla installed in the D drive while pandora is in the C. could that be a problem? so maybe i need to reinstall mozilla into C. I'll try this next.
  4. well Pandora Beta 7.4.0 is what i downloaded, theres newer versions out? Maybe one of those would work better for me.
  5. hmmm my Request.java looks like this I don't see any URL decode method
  6. I reinstalled PJ, still no luck unfortunately. I wish i was at least getting an error somewhere, so i could know where to look for the problem. But I just get NOTHING lol.
  7. I made a last.fm account, and i type it into the Pandora's Jar box. but it never.. how do i say this.. "accepts it"? Like it never logs me into anything. clicking the "save settings" button does absolutely nothing at all. So I type the name and pass, and toggle the little Data menu to "on", and the information i entered just sits there. the fact that the buttons Settings or Save Settings buttons dont do anything, or that I dont have any words next to that empty white bar at the bottom makes me feel like its a java problem, but i compared my java with the one my friend has (who has this worki
  8. Let me know if you figure anything out You mean have a station playing songs? yeah.
  9. yeahh i tried that but had no luck. So i also tried the flash switcher which didnt solve the problem either. Sooo weirdd :(
  10. Ok, I did that, still no luck though :( . I took a screen shot of what the bottom half looks like. Also, clicking on the Abort, Settings, Track Info, and Backstage buttons at the top seem to do absolutely nothing (not sure if its supposed to be like that) http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2006-1/1141623/pandora.JPG
  11. Pandora Beta 7.4.0 , the one on the noob's guide. Yea the problem is very strange, I'm going to uninstall and reinstall java again to see if that does anything. Because I feel like it might be java related. Thanks for the reply.
  12. ok, i uninstalled flash player 9, and installed 8, and still no luck. I have java and javascript enabled in options in mozilla also. the little gray screens just remain on "waiting". Also, my friend seems to have some java code next to the empty gray box at the very bottom, while I have none. Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  13. But, I don't get an error message like some of the other posts I've seen. The hack shows up on the website, and i get the Welcome to Pandora's Jar Attempting to lauch on port 8085...OK! [ready, lets grab some MP3's!!!] and "localhost connected to server." like 20 times in the java window. I click on "Grab this track" and absolutely nothing happens/changes in any of the windows. Same thing when I try to go on cruise control. I have the newest version of firefox, java, and I have the newest flash player 9, im not sure if thats still an issue or not. If you guys think that is my problem,
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