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  1. Sure, but in the episode(s) he doesn't access the web interface through the tunnel, just SSH - just wondering what the best practice way to do that would be. I'm going to play with using a separate autossh instance to forward my custom web interface port (2.6.4 fw) to my relay, I'll post my findings ^^
  2. Sorry to bump this but I'm looking to do the same thing - forward the web interface through my relay server over the 3G connection. I can already SSH into it, should I run another autossh instance on a different port and use iptables to route the traffic? Surely someone before me has done this?!
  3. Bad timing man, that package repository was fine yesterday. OpenWRT really ought to have a mirror - I think once it come back online I'll email a dev and offer to host one. For the time being, however, there isn't much you can do - that's the only location of the OpenWRT packages as far as I know so you'll just have to wait till it pops up again.
  4. Just as a follow-up, I ended up soldering on the connections to my USB-UART adapter and sticking it (with a big mess of kapton tape, shamefully) on the top of the AP121U casing - this way I always have easy access to the U-Boot serial interface if needed, and access to the openwrt/pineapple console without needing dropbear running, assuming I'm in a situation where I can connect using USB. Here's a photo!
  5. Chatted on Skype, the suggestion that my USB-UART adapter had it's TX/RX pins labels swapped turned out to be true, I now own a fully working, usable pineapple again! Thanks a bunch mate.
  6. Thanks for the clarification, but I haven't connected either of the voltage rails at any point, and I am using mains power to power the hornet... Mr Protocol, do you reckon I might be able to fix this if I get the alfa console board? What sorta advantage does it give you over a standard USB UART adapter for debugging? Do you have any in-depth knowledge of U-Boot or any suggestions for how I might be able to stop the boot sequence and get it into serial mode?
  7. Please could anyone confirm I have my UART connected correctly?
  8. Now I have no idea what to try - can't get a serial output from it at all. Tried using minicom in linux, figured I might be doing something wrong so booted into windows and did exactly the same as shown in MrProtocol's youtube video. When I plug in the power to my board, nothing happens in my serial terminal, it just "boots" as shown in my video above. What else can I try? Do you reckon the hakshop would accept a return? (only want to do that as a last resort, shipping is pricey)
  9. That's weird, I just noticed the DHCP server is still functioning on it when "booted" - connected via ethernet to the PoE port without static IP, I just got an IP So, what does that tell? I'm in the process of trying to do a clean flash via serial, but I really want to try and figure out what could cause the boot sequence to get stuck at a certain stage where DHCP is functioning but no SSH server is listening on port 22 and no AP is being broadcast.
  10. It's not broadcasting any wifi network unfortunately, and not accepting incoming connections on port 22. Anything else I could try? My UART cable arrived today anyway so I'll just clean flash it but I'd love to see if there's any other way to diagnose what went wrong first!
  11. Hi, just suggesting that since USB UART serial adapters are cheap ($3 including shipping?) one ought to be included in the package sent out when anyone buys a pineapple. If a pineapple owner changes something which stops it from booting completely and the reset button doesn't do anything, there is no other way to reset it. Perhaps, as an alternative, the extra space on the 64MB version could somehow be used to have a read only working firmware image which overwrites the running firmware when the reset button is held instead? I don't know anything about the way the reset button is currently i
  12. Yeah, got a cable on the way, I guess I'll just clean flash it.
  13. Hi guys, only been playing with my new pineapple for a few days and I've already managed to brick it, by the looks of things. This video shows the boot sequence with nothing connected but my USB flash drive with swap partition on (there is no difference with it unplugged). Reset button doesn't seem to do anything, though I have used it in the past for completely wiping my changes and starting afresh. This happened while using wpa_supplicant to connect my external USB wifi adapter in client mode - the pineapple froze and my SSH session was dropped, so I unplugged it and powered it on again.
  14. Looks like it's down again - was working fine this morning but can't connect now. I do get responses from ping, but http times out. http://www.isup.me/c...fipineapple.com Interestingly, it looks like the reverse DNS for your VPS ought to be set to the correct hostname; $ ping cloud.wifipineapple.com PING cloud.wifipineapple.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from vps6989.trouble-free.net ( icmp_req=1 ttl=47 time=1782 ms 64 bytes from vps6989.trouble-free.net ( icmp_req=2 ttl=47 time=775 ms
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