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  1. I am trying to undertand idle scan in nmap. I feel a little stuck. Here is what I have done so far: nmap -PN -p- -sI zombie -r --packet-trace -v target As part of the packet trace output, nmap tells me that it has send out packets to the zombie on port 80 SENT (0.1033s) TCP source:42615 > zombie:80 SA ttl=44 id=29903 iplen=44 seq=18063 win=1024 <mss 1460> but nmap complains it did not recieve any reply from the zombie Idle scan zombie port 80 cannot be used because it has not returned any of our probes -- perhaps it is down or firewalled. I did a syn scan on the zombie which tells me port 80 is open. I am in a deeply confused state now. Can anyone think of some possible explaination of this behaviour?
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