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  1. Thanks for your help. No more backfeed. So yeah looks like GND is used for device detection as well (in this case anyway)...strange.
  2. I am wondering of GND is used for device detection.
  3. I've figured it out. I cut the red wire, wasnt sure if i need to cut black as well? EDIT: I've cut the black as well but now the flash drive is not detected. Is it safe to reconnect the black wire?
  4. As this is my first post I will just quickly say hello to everyone. I have been on these forums before and it has a great community. Now for my question. I've purchased my pineapple few weeks ago and what I am trying to do is create a device that I am able to control it via wireless. Stick it in my bag and forget about it. I've done all the necessary configuration but I have a quick question regarding my USB powered hub. I have purchased this hub. It has 7 ports rather than 4 but it's pretty much the same. I connect my pineapple to a battery powerpack through a DC cable and then connect the HUB to my pineapple via USB. What happens is that the pineapple seems to be powering the HUB and all the peripheral devices attached to it. Everything works fine. I am just wondering whether this is the correct way of doing it and can the pineapple be damaged in any way? You can see the current setup although this Linksys adapter will be replaced by Alfa. Thanks
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