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  1. Thank for the info here. The first redirect script for facebook works good. The only issues I have are the following: The hosts: http://www.facebook.com & www.facebook.com work. but https://facebook.com goes directly to the real facebok-page. the host: https://www.facebook.com goes directly to facebooks real page. but when I enter false login details I get to this page: https://www.facebook...login_attempt=1 However I get a "Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): The server refused the connection." When I go to the two first pages (without https) I come to the page: http://www.facebook.com/redirect.php It works well so I am able to collect the username and password to a file called "login" however it's not ideal, since it's (to me) obvious it's something fishy going on. Is there a way to hide that redirect part? these are my files: Spoof: Redirect: The guide part I followed for making the spoofed landing page: Is there something I have done wrong or missed here?
  2. Thank you very very very much for that. Now it seem to work perfectly!
  3. Hi, I have a little bit of a problem. I don't know if the iptables work or not, I decided not to try them before I got some answers. First off I have a router which recieves the IP address from my ISP. To the router I have connected a switch. To the switch I have a couple of computers and the WIFI Pineapple connected on the WAN-port. When my laptop is connected to my default WIFI I can connect to the pineapple through a dhcp assigned IP address. In this case ( When I connect to the pineapples wifi I can connect to it through the default 172 IP. The isseu here is that even though I can establish a connection to the wifi part of the pineapple, I seem to be unable to access the internet from this connection. When I use ssh to connect to the pineapple I am able to ping public ips w/o problems. So how do I solve this? Do I need to bridge the connections from wifi to wan port? Do I need to add some ip table rules? Any tips will gladly be appriciated. To sum it up. I want to have my wifi pineapple connected with cable to my router and be able to access internet through the pineapple using wifi. Thanks in advance
  4. Ahh, of course, why keep things simple.. well it was only like $7 so not like the end of the world, just buy a new one and like stomp on this one :) Everything installed fine and looks good.. However when I look at the GUI of the Pineapple, it says I dont have any installed fusions. Is that corretct? Looking at the script it seems to install tcpdump, nmap, sslstrip, etc, etc.. but are those juse for CLI usage or have I misunderstood something now? : >
  5. Nope, directly attached to both computer running linux when using disk util and directly attached to the pineapple IV when trying to install. I did try to put in the thunbdrive in the computer.. I get following error messages: And when I tried to use it in gparted it did not work since it was read only. mount -o remount -o rw /dev/sdc{1,2} did not work either.. The current solution is that I am using another USB-drive instead.. this one seems to work prefectly. As from what I understand it seems like the 4gb sandisk is broken in some way, either the filesystem or something else.
  6. oh.. might haver overlooked that part... Did try to setup the USB now. but I got the following error in dmesg. Could that be because I've already runned the script once and rebooted it and now trying to do this which should have been done before the script was run in the first place? Should I factory reset it and make it in the right order?
  7. I dont know if it's I who are out on deep water or if it just dosent work for me. I just installed the latest dev firmware (2.6.3) I partitioned the USB according to the link: http://forums.hak5.o...82&hl=swap&st=0 I used SCP to copy the script over to /root/scripts/name-of-script.sh Issued the chmod +x name-of-script.sh Changed the timezone according to the wikipage, only used the first part of it as stated. ran it with ./name-of-script.sh When the warning about inserting USB came I plugged in the newly formatted USB-stick and waited. Below is the output. The question: Why didn't it install everything it should on the USB? : ( Output:
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