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  1. @Watske: Sweeeeeet! Thank you very much! @all: Thx again for your quick support! :)
  2. Thx for your replys, Whistle and Metal, your info is really helpful. The energizer is a bit expensive, but there are also some battery packs which will do the job. The problem is, that these packs only got an USB out an no output port like the energizer. Do you know the name of USB Adapters (cable) for USB to (I don't know...) power, AC, output port? I think on Whistle's Pic, there is something like that. Would be grateful for help. :) THX!
  3. Hi! I looked up some examples of battery packs mentioned in this forum. You guys here are a great help, thx! But how do you connect the battery pack with your pineapple? What kind of cable is needed for that? USB to ....? On the photos I just saw the ac connector on the pineapple, or is there another possibility to connect it with the battery pack? I'm just curious, a lot of you got it working right away. Thx!
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