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  1. all this time till now people have told me to use aircrack and a wordlist , now its getting to a different direction. my cousin does not know anything about the network, but since i told him i was able to crack WEP he told me to see if i could crack his WPA secure network which it was set up by s ISP person what im doing right now is , i opened elcomsoft wireless security.... and i added a WPAPSK hash manualy( i entered the bssid) then i added a wordlist darkc0de now its running . wht else is there to do ?
  2. sounds interesting , mind telling more?????? please i really wanna finally crack this WPA , its a challenge to myself
  3. but i still need a wordlist for Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor?
  4. the computer that i have is capable of doing any kind of work , it is made by somebody who i know who is very intelligent , it has 1tb of ram and so and so , but now my only option is what you said BRUTE FORCE
  5. wow , from what i just read , i should just quit on cracking WPA for now becuase as you see in that picture hes been running aircrack for 197 hours ,,,, thanks this gave me an idea on what to do now. I GUESS WHAT I NEED IS a good dictionary( any suggestions) and when i tried to crack it it only took about 20 30 minutes to say it did not find it, so i dont know how the guy was running aircrack for long hours. and again my cousins WPA is set by default , he did not do anything to make it hard to find or anything like that
  6. i used the darkc0de but it did not crack the WPA . my cousin does not know anything about WPA , he just challenged me to crack his WPA which it was set by a internet service provider worker because he set up the router at the same day he got the internet , so he did not create or CHOSE the password himself , he just challenged me to see how much i can do and have learned since i told him i accomplished cracking WEP . - what im planning to do now is go google some torrent world lists and try them out. 1 question that i have is that in some previous world-lists i have seen multiple files.txt WPA.txt WPA2.txt wpa-final.txt , i thought the worldliest was only one file.lst . anyway thanks for the support and i apologize for disrespecting some members of this forum on the previous posts
  7. So TKIP is easier to crack than PSK and it does not need a word list ? . i dont know what to do , when i started this i was hoping to learn the basics and i accomplished that , but now another challenge comes along which i hope to finally crack one WPA.
  8. thanks for replying , it helped A LOT . now i understand and know what to aim to. so "pyrit" is going to try to crack it without the need of a dictionary ? just like gerix/aircrack cracks WEP ?
  9. my cousin challenged me to crack his WPA PSK secured network , till now i have learned all the basics and everything there is to know how to hack , so all i ask is for some advice , till now i have had no luck cracking it , some dictionary have not worked , some did not find the key , the 13GB FINAL WPA list did not work for me i dont know why i could not copy it to BT5 . do you suggest i capture a 4 way handshake ? and how to deal with the dictionaries . i thought the hard part was learning how to do this type of thing but the most hard part is the dictionary itself.
  10. actually i got help from somebody else , from this website http://top-hat-sec.com/main/?page_id=69
  11. THATS WHAT I AM SAYING . I WANT YOU TO BE A DEDICATED MENTOR TO HELP ME THRU THIS . Im not that stupid for you to tell me to go google ,because i already have googled . and giving me 10 guide points is not HARD WORK . all u could have said was . 1. extract the 33gb file dictionary , 2. sent it to the backtrack . 3. install ...... 4. bla bla bla . BUT THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE A DUSHEBAG BECAUSE IF YOU WERE NOT A DUCHE BAG YOU WOULD HAVE HELPED HERE AND NOT BITCHED HOW I CAN GO GOOGLE , BECAUSE IM SURE THERES OTHER PEOPLE WHO NEED WHAT I NEED BUT YOU JERKOFFS ARE NOT HELPING .
  12. i dont even know where to start , all i know is that i have the 33gb dictionary .
  13. listen dude , i dont know what to do with all those files so thats why im asking for GUIDE , till now evrybody being a dushebag , i dont understand , what the point of you being in this forum and not helping , get away from here if you dont wanna help ,and i dont need your opinion , i need your help
  14. im trying to crack the network , the SSID is: SSH WPA-PSK 802.11g
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