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  1. I have tried various things with no success. I suspect it might have something to do with the keyboard. When i encode the inject.bin file i get the following messages: C:\Users\TEST\Desktop\Ducky_Files\Data_Thief_1.6\Scripts>java -jar encoder.jar -i inject.txt -o inject.bin -l dk.properties Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6 Loading File ..... [ OK ] Loading Keyboard File ..... [ OK ] Loading Language File ..... [ OK ] Loading DuckyScript ..... [ OK ] Char not found:ASCII_5E Char not found:ASCII_5E Char not found:ASCII_5E Char not found:ASCII_5E DuckyScript Complete..... [ OK ] it does seem to type everything right, when it opens up notepad though. So im really pulling my hair right now. Sorry if its noob questions, im pretty new to this, and im still learning. Thanks again
  2. Yeah, i figured it should be in there, but the dir is completely empty. I've tried both an an XP and a windows 8.1 machine, no luck. Any hints on what I might have screwed up?? Thanks again
  3. Where do I find the "back upped" passwords? I followed the instructions, I have Twin Duck firmaware installed, and it seems like its working when i insert it. It seems like its running wverything in the .bat file. but there is no completion sound either. I did change the name of the SD card to JUNK. Can anyone help out a beginner, please?? Thanks in advance
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