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  1. This is a work in progress. Seems to work very well. Trying to figure out how to make the url's in the display a link. This adds another menu item in the navigation and it refreshes every 30 seconds. The link below will tell you how to get yours set up. http://blog.tru-tek.com/index.php/2012/04/08/urlsnarf-logging-viewer-pineapple-mark-iv/
  2. FYI on Remedy, I have programmed it and supported it. If you are planning on using the out of box product don't modify it. You will spend the rest of your life fixing things. If the out of box doesn't work for your company invest in someone that will create a custom made help desk for you. It is a neat product though. I enjoyed it even though I was programing it all the time.
  3. I have had my experience with "Handy Backup" It is not a very well written piece of software. It will fill up your hard drive with logs. Unless they gave the ability to turn that function off now. But recently within the past year or so there was no ability to turn off logging so it takes up server space. Michael Pratt True Technologies
  4. Another option is to volunteer to help out with some company or even get a mentor to tag along with. That will get you the experience as well. Just want to remember in the IT field you need to crawl before you can walk. you will very rarely find someone that will jump right into a 6 figure job. You must start small. Certifications are nice but are not needed. Strong training is good. I have 14+ years in IT and I have no certifications.. In my field however, I build an entire network from the ground up. When you do network consulting you need to know the entire network infrastructure right down to the cable and even phone systems. Keep plugging away and don't get discouraged. I.T. is constantly changing and very rapidly. Just when you become strong in one OS then another one comes out! I myself don't care what anyone says experience and training trumps certification's any day. The market is flooded with "Paper Techs" and they can be dangerous when you drop them in a network situation that is not what they learned from the books... ;) Just my honest opinion.
  5. There is also ClearOS. That is a great one. If you can get a hold of an old Watchguard Core you can mod it for mono wall. I am sure Ebay has some for sale. http://m0n0.ch/wall/tools/How%20to%20load%20m0n0wall%20onto%20a%20WatchGuard%20Firebox%20x500.pdf
  6. What kind of utilities do you use in the field that you absolutely love? What amazed me this past week was the Back Track CD for penetration testing! What a great one to have when dealing with penetration testing!. Mike True Technologies http://www.tru-tek.com
  7. Actually I am a jack of all trades. I build entire networks from the ground up as well as end user support. I install the cabling and at times phones. From Microsoft SBS to Novell to firewalls managed and unmanaged switches and monitoring. We deal alot with small to medium sized businesses and municipal cities, public safety, etc. This individual was the first one that actually frustrated me. I normally do not get that frustrated but I am sure that the person on the other end could hear it in my voice. I was just curious how others handles a situation such as this. Mike True Technologies http://www.tru-tek.com
  8. Hello everyone! I just found this site a couple of days ago so I am brand new to Hak5. Might I say that this site is very well put together and very educational! Wanted to ask a question. Being a seasoned I.T. professional for over 15 years I ran into the most horrible user for the past two days. They ask you a question and you attempt to walk them through and they do nothing... I ended up doing a remote session with them to fix it myself. TWICE!!! I am normally patient, but when it comes to these types of people I ran out of patience real quick! My question is how do you deal with a user that is completely ignorant of PC's. You want to walk over there and take their PC away and give them a typewriter! LOL!
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