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  1. So I play lacrosse at my local high school my team would like to watch our practice and game film online but the files we have of our games and practice are huge like 2-3gb and most places wont let you upload more then ten at a time with out charging large amounts of $ that we don't have. dose any one know of a program like livestream i can install on a old laptop or desktop with a 3-4tb external to play all the files so people can see them??
  2. So I'm always hearing and helping with ideas for old pc. I have maybe 10 of these microsoft broadband networking wireless usb adapter model mn-510. I got them from a company that upgraded there computers they all work. any ideas on things to do with them think I make a robot with one or maybe have a backtrack vm and do wireless password testing on my freinds and mine. anyone used one of these adpaters are they capible of something like that?
  3. PC-2011

    USB Spamer

    I Would like to create a Flash Drive that can spam Someones computer like make random mouse clicks enter random keys in the keybord turn on and off caps lock and change wallpapers. if i have to create a program im will to just give me somthing to search for i looked it up online and found nothing but a whole bunch of scurity softwares.
  4. ok so im creating a program that will run thro a set of a questions and send the results to my sql server. if have import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.ResultSet; import java.sql.Statement; public class MySQL { public MySQL() { Connect(); } public static void Connect(){ try { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test", "user1", "test"); Statement statement = connection.createStatement(); ResultSet resultSet = statement .executeQuery(""); while (resultSet.next()) { System.out.println("")); } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } so i know im going to need to learn some sql but where would i put the command to send the array of answers with a user id and score. the array is a list of stings the id is a int and the score is a int if that helps
  5. im just learning so please dont hate on my setup please. ok so my fun has started or so i thought. a littel about my network(might help dont know) i took my old pc and installed windows server 2008 on it just to learn about it. it was a dell demesions 4600 with 1.5gb of ram and a pentiam 4 (i think i spelled that wrong and i not sure if thats it in my computer is say qaud core or somthing) thats my domain controller. its connected to a asus dark night rt-n66u along with 4 or 5 other devices(1 desktop 1 laptop 1 netgear switch 1 asus rt-n10+ and some printer). the asus rt-n10+ runs a 802.11g network and is conneced to my dark night by its wan port so its ips are on the rt-n10+ network is my desktops in my den on a work one and one to work on and one to learn on. and some other stuff but i dont think you need the rest. my desktop i built to tech myself stuff cant seem to connect to the domain controller for some unknow reason to me it connects if i go to its local ip because i ran my website on it too. but if i try do connect to the print server file server or Active dorectory i cant. DNS is setup to the local ip of my domain controller and a few other things. i really only care about the desktop but a few laptops that dont support 802.11n connct to my rt-n10+ none of them can connect to the domain controller. if you need anything explaned i will do the best i can. thanks for the help
  6. yes but dose that create a report then have it sent to like a server because they delete data that is not in file I guss the more like a network boot type of thing at boot off the same image evrry time and dose not change
  7. thank you again I will do my best to learn.
  8. no I completly umderstand and I love to learn and I just dont have manyy resorses to learn besides the internet and a computer class that is the most confusing thing in the world learn everything my techcer has been trying to tech us on the internet.
  9. well I dont want to copy what they have dont. 1. I think it could be written in many diffrent code I dont think there is one it has to be in. I just have been reading and java can download and unzip files. 2.Ok so my thought was not a torrent but more how it acts like how it is a small package of data that gose into a program and the program takes the link or im this case the tracker for the torrent and gets the pakage to be umziped. 3. I think for the file thats has the download like I need to find a way to protect them from the normal person from just opening files and messing with them. 4. Maybe a web GUI for with packs that a group of people have tested and think are worthy or should it be a desktop cmd window (most users I know us windows for this program linix is really buggey we have found) I think a actual GUI would be a ton of time put to waste I have not spent a ton of time on them only know how to make a chekerd board not that im lazy but this is more a function then a thing for people to sit and look at. I would love to hear what you guys think of my idea and it would be for server owners that want spcific mod packs that they have specialized.
  10. That kinda it. Sorry about my rambling.
  11. ok so most people are using technic launcher these days in minecraft but there is one problem them only let you play mods they want i want to create a program that will do the samething as the lancher but make a somewhat torrent type thing so people can download a text file with a link and it will download the file when there is an update the. im 15 and taking AP computer sic only been in the class for a few weeks i dont really know where to start or really mutch about java.
  12. thank i got a new router that counts with some configuration i got it to work thank you
  13. a lots of switches and wireless points not really one
  14. OK i am so lost i got zimbra the email client to install on a few laptops and desktops on my home domain(i am just learning about domains don't hate) and my one new desktop i build just dose not want to boot vbs scripts or its the program not sure all the other windows 7 desktops and laptops work there all on the same domain with the admin logging in and it only works on local accounts user or administrator and ideas i tried have reinstalled it updated every single program i could think of and it just wont work on this desktop and one having the problem or figure out why this is happening. thanks
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