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  1. How can you not understand this...turn me on none sexual by saying stuff like this as you mess it up... Stuff like.. You want me ( as in you ) to mess it up dont you Stuff like that that is what i mean by non sexually. Because it nothing to do with sex is it.
  2. Okay whatever you say. You know what im saying its turn me on non - sexually you still understand.
  3. I do know english. Iv even already explained what i meant by turn me on not sexually.
  4. lol infiltrator you nearly did it. but ended up changing your mind. But X492 is completely right. thats exactly what i want so cant be that difficult lol.
  5. lol nope. as iv put it dont have to be sexually.
  6. So will anyone do this or not? lol
  7. Yep lets be honest iv made myself popular. good or bad ways lol.
  8. Haha well aas i said i would cancel my account but obviously there is no way to is there :)
  9. You actually cant cancel your account i dont see how to anyway. And plus i will cancel it when someone does it.
  10. lol i dont think that at all and i aint no bot either otherwise do you think i would be replying in normal english? lol
  11. I PMed you i got no reply.
  12. so now you know why u shud do it lol.
  13. I just like bieng used etc and its 1 way of it to happen. iv told you this in previous posts. Not that bad to do anyway.
  14. Yeah Sounds like and what it is though are 2 different things.
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