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  1. Alright, I'm taking my test in about two weeks and I'm half way done with my book and I wanted to get some help just to make sure I got it Lets say we have a Class C IP (!92.168.0.x) /24 ( Gateway is Comp A is Comp B is So Comp A gets AND'ed with SubnetMask to get the Result of a binary String lets call it BinA And Comp B gets AND'ed with SubnetMask to get the REsult of a binary String, Lets call that BinB So then BinA & BinB is then Compared Correct?? And if I made the Subnet Mask /25 (1111111.11111111.1111111.10000000) Does that mean CompA & B can not talk anymore due to Comp B's Ip being above 128? BUT! Is it still able to forward Information out to the gateway and to the internet? Is the gateway Exempt from the subnet Mask cuz norrmaly if it was a Host like CompA it wouldn't be able to see it right?
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