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  1. Nope - altered my project entirely anyway so I didn't need it. ...Interested in a new pineapple however
  2. Nice script! Couldn't have come at a better time for me too - doing an honours project on wireless network security! ;)
  3. Thanks for the response :) I'll have a look over the OpenWRT site and see what I can find.. Given time constraints and general lazyness I'd rather not re-compile binaries ;) Cheers!
  4. Sorry to create yet another 'where can I get a fon+' thread. I'm doing my honours project on wireless security and I need to source something capable of running Interceptor. I've been hovering on ebay and cant find anything :( I don't care about having to import it (although I'd prefer a UK source) so if anyone could provide a link I'd be grateful ;) Thanks
  5. Amazing - thank you! (I'd tried ebay earlier but must have missed it) Thanks again :D
  6. Hi guys I've just ordered all the stuff necessary for a yummy pineapple however I'm having trouble locating a plastic pineapple that can be shipped to me in the UK.. Anyone else been successful? Failing that anyone willing to ship me one? Thanks
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