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  1. guessing this is ubuntu only? gave me errors about apt-get and a few other programs missing on arch linux
  2. was wondering how many of you knew about this site and used it http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ http://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-multiple...-multiboot-usb/ was what I have been looking at seems to be the same as this if not slightly simpler to set up
  3. or just always have multiple passwords for anyone to access your phone
  4. you forgot phishing attacks/social enginerring
  5. oh ok ill definitely have a look oh ok i run arch linux on my laptop xD im buying them all through a store we(my work) are affiliated with but any extra pars i'd get ill do more shopping around
  6. oh ok what OS are you running? and yeah i will soon ill get another 6gb preferably 2000mhz
  7. yeah the monitor doesnt matter so much, that isnt actually for me only the tower and all other parts. how much extra are western digitals? and yes in time i planned on upgrading the ram to 8 or 12 gb and getting another hdd or 2. if WD would serve this better i can format and re-install to the WD but it would depend if i could get them in .au and how much they would be
  8. its for gaming and running a few VM's and havent really thought of what else..
  9. i got mine from there to, how ever buy some antennas yourself..some = more than 1 xD and dont buy just omni antenna's
  10. Ok so im going to get a new pc and am building it myself. im a bit of a hardware noob but can put everything together, i was hoping some one could look over the parts i have in there and tell me if there is anything i should/could change.. http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/5446/pcfinal.png is the parts
  11. wouldnt you just leave your pc locked when ever you are no longer looking at it. complex password of say 21 characters that rubber ducky cant do much then
  12. the end point wouldnt would it? it would see the encrypted data sent through each. i would of said the first point you ssh into would be worse
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