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  1. Hey was helping someone on the reddit forum trying todo a factory reset on a nano, and they were having trouble .. i said that the wiki makes it easy ... they said they cant find this Open the "Configuration" tile. Select the "Advanced" tab. Click "Factory Reset Pineapple I figured they were not seeing it... i looked on mine, unsure of version at this time but the button isnt there .. was this removed at some time ?
  2. I might want to add .. if you tail the c2.db file the token is in plain text in the file ..
  3. Doing some research it does work with ddns.net , but when the cert is requested something needs to be listening on 80 or 443 .. so since the c2 doesnt seems to listen on 443 until the cert is generated .. which is normal .. it might not be completing .. thanks for the lead on this ..
  4. That might be it.. looking at the let's encrypt error, it might be tooooo many people with the ddns.net TL domain have already requested a cert .. .
  5. the token should of been on the output of the command line when it starts , the FIRST time .. if you cat or tail the db file i beleive the very last line should include the token .. it will be in all caps, and int i think the format of XXX-XXX-XXX Hope this helps
  6. Wondering if other are having issues with c2 v 1.0.1 using the HTTPS arg .. 2018/10/03 15:32:58 http: TLS handshake error from xx.xx.xx.xx:5380: 429 urn:acme:error:rateLimited: Error creating new authz :: too many failed authorizations recently: see https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ This is what i am running ,and starts with no errors. ./c2_community-linux-64 -https -hostname mydomainname.ddns.net Thanks in advance..
  7. Is the wiki no longer around for the P/S ? , thanks!
  8. Just my 2cents, i run PFSense as my home firewall and run openvpn .. Also PFS will update my dynamic DNS name , so the client ovpn file contains the dynamic NAME .. I have been running this for a couple years now, been using with my LanTurtle deployed to a remote network.
  9. Hello All, just wondering, was playing with my turtle this AM some, and tried to prank a fellow admin, and one of the first things he noticed was that he tried to connect to a machine by it's hostname not FQDN , and got a error, he then did try to check nslookup which almost immediately alerted him to something up.. My point / question is, I believe this package is what is doing the DHCP on the USB side, and was wondering other than changing the options in the config file /etc/config/dhcp , would be possible, or wise to make a module that would allow to easily change, or with a option to chang
  10. Is this some kind of "hidden" mickey? 1.0.0 d9ca989ac9fa2855fbd38dcafee9c195 2013-10-12 19:00:00 1337 the 1337 being the number of times it was downloaded .. found it funny
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