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  1. I actually do have some experience in programming for parallel processing (actually took a really interesting class on it last semester), however, I can't really justify the need for buying hardware to build one. I have no current application, nor do I have one in mind I want to write. I did, however, create what I liked to call a "PicoCluster". 6 laptops networked together running PelicanHPC. This was actually something I whipped up because I had a big project to work on for the Parallel Processing class I was taking, but had to be in a city 4 hours away over the weekend. With it, I developed a Google Maps-esque application. But really, why dump all the money into something that will jut be running something like F@H?
  2. Thanks for the speedy replies guys. Digininja, I don't know why I completely forgot about your script, but that did the trick. I was able to flash your firmware onto my fon. However, I'm...not quite sure it went as swimmingly as it could have. I followed the guide step for step from your site, digi, and it SEEMED to work fine. However, when I try accessing the web interface (via either,, or, it times out. Not a 404, just times out. I can, however, ping the Fon and telnet into it, however the ONLY port that is open (or, atleast, is listening) is port 9000, telnet. Bad flash? Am I missing something? EDIT: Hm, this is interesting. I tried running the boot script manually (fis load -l vmlinux.bin.l7), and I get the error "Not a loadable image - try using -b ADDRESS option". I'd guess these are related. Sounding more and more like I should try reflashing? EDIT 2: Ah, yup, reflashing worked. Thanks guys! :D
  3. Well, like I said, I did try pinging, in which I got "Destination Host Unreachable". For some reason it never occurred to me that it may flat-out be the wrong IP. I know when it's UP, I can SSH into, however I can't ping that address at all until the Fon is completely powered up. Sadly I can't try anything right now, as I'm at work, but when I get home I'll try scanning the network while it's booting up to see if I can't find the IP it's on while booting.
  4. Alright, so sorry if this is a dumb question, however I just received my shiny new Fon+ in the mail yesterday, and right away went to work on flashing the firmware. Now, it is the Fon2201 running firmware version 1.1.0 r2. I assumed I needed to downgrade the firmware (and am still thinking I do?), however some sources I read say I don't. I was able to unlock it (in the sense I can SSH into it). However, to patch the kernel, every article and tutorial I read says to use mtd to erase and rewrite linux.bin.l7. I ran the command, and it said it could not open the device (Yes, it is a lowercase "L", not a 1). I did a bit more reading, learned about the mtd table, and see mine differes from practically everything I read. My /proc/mtd is as follows: mtd0: RedBoot mtd1: loader mtd2: image mtd3: rootfs mtd4: rootfs_data mtd5: config mtd6: image2 mtd7: FIS directory mtd8: RedBoot config mtd9: board_cofnig After a bit of reading and some process of elimination, I'm left with 3 devices which do not match what I've read: loader, image, and image2. One can assume that loader is the boot loader, and I'm assuming image and image2 is...the kernel? The system tries to boot image, and uses image2 as a fallback? (Again, just making guesses and taking from what I've read) The Fon itself is running kernel, and I, of course, havn't allowed it to connect to the internet. So, is this a matter of simply writing image as opposed to linux.bin.l7? Or do I have to downgrade the entire firmware before proceeding? I figured I'd better ask before I overwrite stuff all willy-nilly. Edit: Also a curious problem. The script I keep seeing is the "catch_fonera+" script, which would automatically telnet into the Fon, catching it in RedBoot. However, running it from either Ubuntu or Slackware would result in "telnet: Unable to connect to remove host: Network is unreachable" Oddly enough, as I type this, I tried the script again, and got: inverse host lookup failed: Host name lookup failure (UNKNOWN) [] 9000 (?) open == Executing boot script in 1.060 seconds - enter ^C to abort == Executing boot script in 1.060 seconds - enter ^C to abort And it hangs there endlessly. Opening up a separate terminal and trying to ping that same address ( results in "Destination Host Unreachable". Pinging results in "Network is unreachable" Ideas?
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