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  1. Thanks, heh. What do you think of the actual features though? I'm fairly confident in my ability to remove files (thanks for the practice)!
  2. Haha, yeah. My definition of porn is anything you wouldn't do to or show your grandmother.... I don't really want to know what that includes... or excludes....
  3. My project, please explore and comment! (Reused advert, but it hits most of what I'd like to say: ) X3non File Distribution Network X3non has no file size limit, no hosting space limit, and no bandwidth restrictions. It works great as an image host (Image), displays audio, video, and PDFs (Music, Video, PDF). Code from many languages are also displayed with correct syntax highlighting automatically (HTML), in addition to display of text files as plaintext (TXT). Additional features include a display page for files marked for public use (Public Files), and a file friending system, allowing you to share your files with any number of users quickly. File password protecting and personal (non-public) storage is also provided. Porn and illegal content are not allowed, and everything is free! Oh, and no ads either ;) I'd suggest creating an account. The anonymous uploading is great, but you don't get all the features unless you register a free account. (Feel free to use trash email accounts, email is used for verification only)
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