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  1. Humper


    Ok I've flashed the drive and added the "flash" folder to the root. But I still don't really get what client I should use for the keylogger. Also where does it save the IP and the computer info? Also how do I remove all of the files, keylogger and so that I enter to the computer? Regards Humper
  2. Humper


    If I understood it right you need to download python and then just write testconnection (IP ADRESS). For the rest just read the hole topic and you will get awnsers to that. Regards Humper
  3. Humper


    Thanks great answer. Just a few more noobish questions: - I do know how to create an ISO file but how do I flash the usb-drive with it? - Does leroy jenkis work with an router that blocks ports? - Is it possible to get the usb-drive not showing up options when inserting it what to do with it? I tried out the latest version of slurp and it worked great and really quick. Does it only seach in C:\ and is it possible to seach for specific names also along with the other seach? What Im I possible to do with the python trojan? This release was amazing, just tell me if I could help you somehow. Regards Humper
  4. Humper


    Great job here, tobad I can't really help you. Im only webcoding and designing. If you need something that only need time to work on I might could help. Just some questions, do I have to update (flash) my firmware (if so, how)? and should I put the flash folder in the main usb-drive folder? Sorry for being such an leecher, but I would help if I could. Regards Humper
  5. Okey thanks once again. I got a few questions not all about usb hacking tho: - Is it possible to hide LP instead of it launching up, I tried the premade usb hacksaw tool but when I use the usb drive it opens up the root folder along with LP. - This has nothing to do with hacking tools. I got an zap slider combo 8gb, that got an microSD reader, it works just great when I plug in a SD card the hole drive works along with the card. But if I enter the memory when not having a SD card in it doesn't show up, the only thing that shows up is the SD place but can't be viewed due I got no card in. Is there a way to fix this?
  6. Okey thanks for your quick respons. So I guess U3 got an pritty open state of usage. Is there any problems with antivirus detecting it or so? Oh on the recover, its "U3 LaunchPad Installer" right?
  7. Hello, I just bought some new computer parts and decided to buy an U3 flashdrive along with that. Now I just wonder if its possible to return it to the original state when used it for hacking? If so, how? Also got any hints on good and fun things to do with the U3 drive? All are welcome for nice awnsers. Thanks in advance! Regards Humper
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