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  1. sorry for the double post but can anyone tell me how to change the commando code to allow connection over the internet instead of over LAN
  2. hi I was wondering what i would have to change in the code to allow me to connect to the "victim" over the internet instead of over a LAN
  3. just build the iso onto your thumb drive then put it on your desktop
  4. sorry if I sound like a noob I was looking into one of your other projects (USB Commando) and was wondering if cmdo is commando and if so why not update it to 3.0 beta?
  5. hi I've been on the forums for a while and i've used usb switchblade, usb hacksaw, and im going to use usb pocket knife but i was wondering if theres u3 launchpad in usb pocket knife and if there isn't why not add it?
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