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  1. Hi, Just saw episode 607 and was wondering if it is possible to route a clients internet traffic via aditio/openvpn als? if it is possible how is this done? Is this a resources that you can share with a client or is it something like forwarding port 80?? Thanks
  2. So.... I also want this server to be setup for openvpn for when I occasional will need to vpn into my server. If I install snort or easyIDS will I need to dedicate a nic to it? I can put up to 3 nics in the laptop but, currently, I only have 2. How many nics would I need to set up both openvpn and (snort|easyIDS)? Also, can snort|easyIDS be administered via a web interface? Thanks
  3. Here is my current net map: server |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>internets----->cable modem --->wireless router ---> workstation I have an older laptop that I want to use for security purposes, I want it to sit there monitoring network traffic looking for spyway/intrusions etc.... Here is what it should look like: server |>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>internets----->cable modem --->wireless router ---> workstation | old lappy I plan on running debian or ubuntu server and will add any firewall/ids system as needed. I plan on running this old laptop as command line only so should have a web/command line interface. As always, a free app is better. thanks for the help.
  4. Actually, I snort does seem like what I want. It have just downloaded it and am starting to read about it but, it looks promising. I am not so worried about my system being destroyed as it is easy enough to re-image it. What I am concerned about is monitoring my network so I can be alerted when things go bad and I haven't detected the problem myself. Thank-you for pointing me in this direction.
  5. Appreciate the responses guys. I guess i am resigned to the fact that my xp system is going to get infected. I just want to know when my pc becomes infected without having to trust a virus scanner on the xp system itself. The reason, I say that is because, root kits can be invisible even from the best spyware scanners. However, I was thinking if I have an independent box monitoring my network/xp box then, I can trust the results a little more. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am new to the forums but, not the sho I have strong cs background but little to no knowledge of network security. I have a spare pentium 3 box which i could add 2 nics to and use this as network monitor. I don't want to use this box as a firewall (ie smoothwall) rather, I wanted to use as a system to monitor incoming and out going traffic for viruses, spyware etc... I have people over at my place often, friends and family. Invariablly, when I let people on my network, my xp box gets infected with something or the other. Now I usually just wipe it clean and rebuild it however, I get worried sometimes because I like to do online banking and bill paying. Thus, I want a system that can alert me once something malicious has gotten on my network. I believe this box would sit between my cable modem and wireless router monitoring for spyware, root kits etc... I am not sure but would that be considered intrusion detection???? I can usually spot spyware because i have a good idea of what is running on my system however, what really scares me is root kits. So anybody have suggestions to where I should look? thanks in advance.
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