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  1. I just want a powerful, small, pc that would be very easy to carry. possibly without a carrying case. it doesn't have to be the netbook, but small/tiny.
  2. ok.. I found the one Im talking about in this vid... its the one Wess has and holds up at the beginning.
  3. I was describing how small it is..
  4. u mean to tell me, that little pc that probly can fit in my pocket is an AAO?
  5. I am looking for a nice fast Linux compatible mini or pocket PC. I have been looking at Hak5 for some time now and couldn't help but to notice the small Laptop looking PC one of the guys had that had the Hak5 sticker on the back. If you don't know what Im talking about yet, its the smallest one they have I think, and he has it with him just about every time. I hope I've given enough info. I just want to know what kind it is, and maybe where I can find it. Thanks
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