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  2. kuyaya

    Is HAK5 dead?

    True. Why did they even stop making the Hak5 shows?? It's too sad to be true. Second point I also agree. There aren't many good posts nowadays. I think it's also a shame that they have payloads in their github repository who doesn't work. I mean, those are not made from hak5, but why don't they just take them out? Better a smaller repository where every payload works than a bigger where only some work. I try to make payloads where everyone can help improve, give new ideas and work on it to make it better, but I have a feeling like nobody is interested and I find that very sad. The only one who helped a bit was Bob123 on the Respashes payload. Most of the posts are just "<payload name> doesn't work, help me" without even a real description of the problem. But I'm optimistic. I think that when the Hak5 shows come back, interest and good discussions will also come back (to the forum). I would really love to hear a response from Darren. And not a response like "we're coming back soon" or "we're working on new products, expect us coming back". I mean a real statement. I think we deserve that.
  3. Will a payload targeted at a Windows 7 OS still work on a Windows 10 OS, or are they completely different?
  4. Will a payload targeted at a Windows 7 OS still work on a Windows 10 OS, or are they completely different?
  5. aethernaut

    Is HAK5 dead?

    I'm treating it as if it is. Everything relating to YouTube output seemed to pretty much grind to a halt after the move to Oakland. Then Tekthing went and Threatwire seems to be an independant production supported by Patreon donations. Does Shannon even use the Hak5 studio any more? (Actually even Darren doesn't when he advertises another product). There was a promise a while back that there would be new output and a year or so ago a new format was tested but nothing came of it. I stopped subscribing on YouTube a while back, although looking at it, subscriber numbers appear to still be going up. I have no idea why. Maybe people are reading about the kit, buying it and then subscribing. I only return to the forums because occasionaly a useful "nugget" of information comes up, but more and more it is "I want hack mentor", "How do I hack", "Have I been hacked", "why does <insert product here> not work" posts. If there was a button to close my forum account I probably would have pressed it. I guess they are making enough money from shifting kit to not have to worry about YouTube.
  6. @Void-Byte For something newer than 2.1.2 released in December 2019? Hak5 downloads doesn't show it...
  7. No, it's not just you... EDIT: By that I mean a person in Canada, not you as an individual!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have been checking the hak5 shop for the past month and have always seen the same things out of stock. The pineapples are all out of stock except the non-tactical nano. I want to get a tetra for the 5GHz option. Is this only happening for me (im in canada ontario) because I have seen post about new tetras and things like that. everything is in stock on amazon, but the prices are a lot higher than on hak5. Any info would help!
  10. New development. today I was working with it and it set itself to read only, then, after a few plugs and unplugs trying to fix that, now it enters recovery mode every time its plugged in. (in arming mode, my other switches seem to still work ok but I cant exactly test the extent of that because I cant change the payloads) Should I just open a support ticket or is there still a way I can recover this?
  11. I'm browsing the Google Play store and can't seem to find this companion app. Is the name of Plunder Bug? The only app that comes up from hak5 is Wifi Pinapple????? Where is the app????
  12. Bob123

    Is HAK5 dead?

    Kuyaya I get your statement about the forums. But back in the day there was the wifi pineapple and the rubber ducky. That's it. Pineapple always had a good following. Same with the rubber ducky but out of that came the lan turtle, bash bunny, and packet squirrel. (That's the extent of what I own.) And those forums were booming back in their day. All the new stuff it just seems like, at least in the forums, that the following isn't as large. Just my take on it. I like you visit the forums several times a day and my only point was that I miss the old days. There was just a lot more going on back then.
  13. essexbrash

    Is HAK5 dead?

    I think about it every day.
  14. kuyaya

    Is HAK5 dead?

    First point I agree, threatwire is the only active show. I don't know why they don't make shows anymore. I always thought that they are working on new products, I don't know if that is true or not. If so, I would prefer having more hak5 shows and less new products ( nothing against new products, I just love the hak shows ). Second post I disagree. The forum isn't dead at all. Almost everyday there are new topics / responds to topics. Some sections are more active than others. The most active sections are the Pineapple nano, bash bunny and rubber ducky ( personal experience), the least active is the Plunder Bug. I visit the forum minimum twice a day. I don't how it was 3 years ago, as I joined early 2019 (a bit more than a year), but I hate it when people say that something is dead when it isn't. Anyways, I would also like to hear a statement or a response from one of the Hak5 team.
  15. (PS : I first reset it because I was being stupid, I was having an issue connecting to it and I thought it was the BB but it appears to have been my crap laptop)
  16. I did a reset of my bash bunny (doesn't boot 3 times, auto-reset) and now its LED doesnt accept states. I have done some testing and it looks like what used to be a constantly running service to blink the LED is now only running once then stopping. To elaborate, if I say "LED G SOLID" the LED will stay green solid, same if I say "LED G VERYFAST" but if I say "LED G IQUAD" it starts and stays off. (so my idea is that, the first instance of blink_led.sh closes early or it doesnt detect that I even passed a state at all) when in the remote shell if I use the "LED R VERYFAST" command two times in a row it echos "blink_led.sh: process not found" which seems to further indicate the process isnt running. I have already tried doing another reset and even updating the firmware completely and it hasnt seemed to work. Is this a known issue with solutions or is there an issue with my hardware? (tell me if I'm missing something here but I hope this is enough information, also by BB is like brand new, I got it last week and havent really used it aside from testing)
  17. Last week
  18. Bob123

    Is HAK5 dead?

    I know this has been brought up before but is Hak5 dead? I mean seriously? When was the last time any of you watched a Hak5 video on youtube? Threatwire is still somewhat active but is everything else dead? If I'm missing something please let me know. I miss the show and miss everything else with it. If it is truely gone did I miss the goodbye? If so please point me in the right direction cause I'd like some closure. :) Learned a lot from you guys and gals! Plus is the show is truely dead then I can leave the forums too. I try to help where I can but the forums these days are pretty much dead too.
  19. Is there a list of resolutions that work vs not... I have been trying to get this to caputure off of a Jetson Nano, and raspberry pi with no luck going to try my gaming pc which has more options
  20. Just a note for individuals. If you are experiencing SSH issues (like others) please ensure that your C2 Cloud Server is up to date. When first logging in you should see a notification to upgrade.
  21. So a good example of a reverse proxy is this... "Void-Byte and All Your Base are best friends. All Your Base has a crush on Hak5, and wants to ask Hak5 on a date. However, All Your Base does not want anyone to know they asked Hak5 on a date. So instead All Your Base asks Void-Byte to ask Hak5 on his behalf. Now people think Hak5 asked All Your Base on a date when it was in reality All Your Base."
  22. Please remember that obfuscation is not truly considered a form of "security". Even though you will open port 443 for HTTPS that form of traffic is encrypted, and if you harden your server you can help counter general threats. If you are worried about people seeing that you have an open port you can create firewall rules to inhibit external traffic to that port, utilize anti-scanner tools, etc.
  23. Also very interested in this feature for testing our IOT products.. Has this been forgotten about :( ?
  24. kuyaya

    Payload ideas

    This is a topic to collect ideas for new payloads. Just write them down here.
  25. I'd like to request assistance regarding how I can bypass windows 10 defender while I am actually tying to execute a vbscript payload. I have two VBS script. One the main Payload and the second is a VBScript that disabled windows antivirus but it raises UAC prompt. I am trying to bypass the UAC prompt then execute the VBscript to Disable the windows defender before downloading intstalling the main payload that get blocked by windows anti-malware. I would appreciate you assitance about this. Best Regards.
  26. The USB Rubber Ducky is just a keyboard. So, can someone steal your password if they can type on the computer?
  27. kdodge

    USB HDMI Input

    So, back in the day, there were "Video Capture Cards" for like desktop computers, that would provide TV inputs into the computer. I'm talking about old old old ISA slots, but i don't know if they still make those now for like USB or not, if they do it should be HDMI compatible. Good luck man!
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