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  2. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    This would require you know the ip you want to scan beforehand, correct?
  3. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    if you have it on the BashBunny STORAGE partition you can run it from there on the victim computer. No need to copy it first.
  4. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    oh ok, so just place the nmap package on the usb, and then put it on the victim's pc then scan?
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  6. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    No, just start a nmap executable from the STORAGE location, but you have to run it from the victim computer. The other way would be to utilize port forwarding on the victim computer. then you should be able to scan with nmap from the BashBunny... Method A (STORAGE) would be easier to do...
  7. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    so nmap needs to be installed on the victim computer? if one would want to scan another network adapter
  8. GET TARGET_IP isn't working?

    Not 100% correct: BB tells you with GET TARGET_IP the IP of the target computer on the BashBunny Ethernet adapter. The victim computer leases the IP from the BashBunny which gives the IP to the victim. As said before: If you want to scan another network adapter you can do it by using a HID & storage attack (starting nmap from storage on the victim computer) or with a HID & ETHERNET attack by pivoting through the victim computer.
  9. Canon Connect Station CS100

    Such a sigma chip is also installed in Dune HD media player! Maybe you can take the software too? It was just a thought!
  10. Defective Cable=Usb "Disabler"

    Update:On a mac in boot camp I remember also getting "Power surge on the USB port "A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port. You should disconnect the device."
  11. Defective Cable=Usb "Disabler"

    So Have on of those ozobot things and it's cable has one heck of a defect whenever something that needs power is plugged in to the micro-usb end then once the other end hits anything that's does not have protection for a killer of all things it will disable but unlike the killer when I unplug it the device comes back to life I want to know how does this perfect defect make it a "disabler" it might help I mention that macOS gives it's "USB port drawing too much power. The device that is plugged into it will be deactivated." when it gets hit
  12. Anyone know what this might be?

    The hardware setup can be seen at the 2:42 mark, the software reporting towards the end
  13. I was pointed to this by an LE contact: http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/02/07/google-tracking-you-tucker-carlsons-report-silicon-valley-surveillance-capitalism The kit used by the reporter - anyone know what it is? I can tell that these are being used: The device in the middle is a Throwing Star Lan Tap: https://greatscottgadgets.com/throwingstar/ The device on the right is an Intel CPU stick: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-Compute-Computer-processor-BOXSTK2m3W64CC/dp/B01AZC4IKK The rest of it looks like probably standard WiFi, maybe a large battery to power the whole setup. I'd guess SSLstrip or something similar to penetrate https, but what about the software being used? Anyone know what it might be? I also assume this kit isn't a package, but if so, the LE guy wants one :)
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  15. What's your PC's specs?

    Prepare yourselves for my ultimate desktop specs: Pentium III 20GB storage on two 10-gb hard disks unlabeled graphics card with exactly one VGA output brand-new floppy drive, moderately used cd drive as well just upgraded to 384MB of RAM with a third 128MB stick I found sitting around Passive air cooling that sounds like an Asic Miner Windows '98 not one, but two USB ports!
  16. Thinking about buying the Seeed RF Explorer 3G. This seller (EIO) price is $204, sounds too good to be true? Allegedly shipped from California. Amazon seller wants $289 and most others sell it for around $269. https://www.eio.com/seeedstudio-109990009-rf-explorer-3g-combo.html So is this a reputable dealer? ...Any comments, please. Thanks
  17. Best wifi usb for kali

    Alrighty, so I had this exact same question a couple weeks ago and it comes up often, so here is my answer: I have an Alfa AWUS036ACH, it is not plug-and-play with Kali. You can get it to work if you know how to manually configure and build drivers, but it is not straightforward. Literally just a couple hours ago, I got one of my friends with more technical knowledge to configure it for me, and I copied down the commands he used to configure it and may try making it into a script soon. I also have a TPlink TL-WN722N, which isn't dual-band, but looks similar to the one in the picture in the link you provide, and was the most popular interface for this task for a long time. However, the newest versions (V2 and higher) do not support monitor mode and packet injection. So this one is a no-go. What I would recommend if you are getting started is an Alfa AWUS036NHA. It has great driver support and range, is relatively inexpensive, is plug-and-play with everything I've tried, and Is just downright neat. I know it doesn't have two antennas, which may be a real turn-off, but dual-band actually isn't very helpful while you are still learning. If you know what you are doing, then you can buy expensive wifi equipment and have it do whatever you want. But there is little reason to spend a lot of money and end up not using the interface because it is difficult to configure. Is there any specific reason you prefer dual-band?
  18. LED Controller Module

    Any updates?
  19. Does not keep Timezones

    Yes. But above the drop down is a different field stating the current timezone. The dropdown is just to set a new timezone. Unfortunately syncing up the dropdown selection and the really timezone is a bit difficult.

    So i was connected to the internet via eth0 and was trying to use ettercap and arp poisoning and then my router stopped giving internet if have tried to perform <echo 1 /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward> and also i have tried restarting my router multiple times and unfortunately there was no luck so how can i fix this problem
  21. RT @ArseQueef: Presented without context @VoiceOfOBrien @kharypayton #CriticalRole https://t.co/riZC9cF5ry

  22. What's your PC's specs?

    OK OK stand back and witness the mighty power of my machine : - Intel Core 2 Duo P9600 2.4GHz x2, Nvidia Quadro NVS 160m, 3.8GB DDR2 800, 64GB SSD SATA II HDD.... I know, "earth shaking" :)
  23. [PAYLOAD] BunnyMute

    Yea, i just recently started learning bash and this was my first script. Thanks for improving it! feel free to make a pull request and ill set it like that! maybe make it as an extension.
  24. What's your PC's specs?

    This is a slightly older one of my monitors, Yay for triple!
  25. Anonymous reverse shell

    How about using Domain Fronting? You can connect your C&C Server to a VPN with port forwarding and then let the shell connec to that port on the vpn side which will then be forwarded to your C&C... in theory.
  26. What's your PC's specs?

    Main workstation : HP Z420, 8 core xeon, 12 GB ram, 2 x 1 TB drives. Nvidia K2000 Triple head displays (yes I do have a silly smile on my face when I get up and power it on ) HP 8200 SFF machine, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB Harddrive (LAN server) 2 x T420 Thinkpads /Kent
  27. Nano in hotels

    a micro 2.4ghz adapter only ads about a 1/4 of an inch to the length for about $10
  28. [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.0.2

    Thanks Sebkinne !! Appreciate the hard work you put into these releases.
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