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  1. Hi, I am going to use the WiFi pineapple Nano for my dissertation at Uni. Have any of you used the Nano to try and extract data from an IoT item such as a Lightbulb? If so was it successful? And if not what do you think of this idea? Thanks :-)
  2. Thank you both that is very kind of you!
  3. Thank you that is very useful. Going to be cheeky now. Do you know the name of the books? Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone, Not sure if you can help me... I'm after some help regarding my end of year IT project. Do you know if the Hak5 guys produce any academic papers regarding the work they do as I would like to reference them. I am basing my project around the wifi Pineapple so if you know of anywhere where I can get the information from that you be greatly appreciated. Thanks!