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[Suggestion] Vpn Tunnel Module


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Hi guys. Using the autossh reverse tunnel is great, and allows you to launch attacks against client 'from' the pineapple, once you have either an SSH or a HTTP connection to the pineapple. What would be even better, is for the pineapple to create a dynamic VPN tunnel back to your home router. You can then launch attacks to clients from a Back Track machine on your home network, across the tunnel. This means that you don't necessarily need stuff like nmap modules on the pineapple, you could simply use nmap on a home machine across the VPN.

This sounds too logical and common sense to me. I'm assuming either a) it can't be done for some reason B) there is already a variant of this in existence that I am not aware of :huh:


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I wasn't aware in the interceptor would be doing this.

I will still look into a VPN tunnel in the mean time. I have downloaded and installed openswan to my USB, but I cannot start the service - any ideas why anyone?

root@Pineapple:/usb/etc# /usb/etc/init.d/ipsec -h

Syntax: /usb/etc/init.d/ipsec [command]

Available commands:

start Start the service

stop Stop the service

restart Restart the service

reload Reload configuration files (or restart if that fails)

enable Enable service autostart

disable Disable service autostart

status Show the status of the service


root@Pineapple:/usb/etc# service ipsec start

-ash: service: not found

? :angry:

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