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  1. On 5/21/2018 at 8:29 AM, Wei H said:

    I brought a CS100 from DWI which was delivered with power supply. Finally I managed to power it up, it showed "SYSTEM ERROR (0001)", I guess it is the problem of HDD.  So waiting for your update.  Thanks

    That would indicate your drive is dead or has been swapped and/or formatted. Theres no way to repair that, in order to clone the drive, you need the original image files. Return it if you can.

  2. On 2/21/2018 at 9:48 AM, nimrud said:

    I'm wondering... What are the 4 unsoldered points close to the JTAG header?


    I couldnt follow the traces to anything by eye and I hadnt my multi at hand to test for any continuity points. I'll let you know if I find anything useful.

    2 hours ago, nimrud said:

    Regarding porting software from other sigma chips/vendors...I can't see the point, maybe you can provide an example of use or program you're interested in...

    2 useful ones I can think of, that the CS100 would have enough "oomph" to run would be the Dune HD for its media player capabilities and possibly Netgear router to use as a wireless access point/file sharing server.

  3. Fantastic work Nimrud!

    I havent had much time to look into this in recent weeks. The last time I looked at it tho, I was looking into the hardware and stripped the unit down to the bare PCB to try find out a little more about it.

    Heres the main PCB for anyone who hasnt seen it bare,  for Full Hi Res images see here and here.


    CPU (Purple square)

    Is an SMP8673 as was found in the CPUinfo file. With further inspection the full model number is SMP8673B00-CBE3 manufactured by sigma designs specially for use in media players, set top boxes and IPTV devices. Full spec sheet here. This appears to be the exact same as the SMP8672 and very similar to the other few chips in the SMP86xx range which is good news as theres plenty of work of others hacking similar devices with these such as the Dune HD STB ranges and some Netgear routers.

    Bios/Bootloader (Yellow square)

    Is a Nuvoton N79E8432ASG. Full spec sheet here. From looking at it, there appears to be points on rear of the board for reading/flashing the firmware via UART. If we can access this, I suspect we can remove some of the restrictions on the device. Its only a guess, but I reckon it checks the harddrive brand/model no. or serial number on boot and thats why I havent been able to get a cloned drive working. My next step is to try spoof the cloned drive with originals details to confirm this.

    JTAG header (Blue square)

    Non stuffed points for a JTAG header leading direct into the CPU from what I see. Cant find any pin info online, ive contacted Sigma Designs but theyre yet to get reply. Without it, it wont be much use.

    RAM (Red Square)

    2 Chips here appear to be RAM. Cant find any info, but not really all that important. From what I see its 1 x 128mb and 1 x 64mb giving a total of 192mb.

    ROM (Pink Square)

    S34Ml02G100TF100 SLC NAND FLASH, appears to be 1GB from what I can tell. Full spec sheet here.



    I also found a Vietnamese blog that may be useful to us, certainly could have been somewhat useful before we obtained the Kernal anyway! But this guy seems to know a lot, working on a device near identical to the CS100. Use Google Chrome to translate the pages.

    Part 0

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    I dont know, but I thought Id share it anyway for anyone more technically minded to have a look.




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  4. Dont really have the time now to post everything in detail, but I stripped the unit down to the bare PCB last night and done a lot of research on the hardware and figuring out how it operates. Also found what I think is some very useful info on the software side of things.

    Will update with a mega post over the weekend when I get a chance.

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  5. Is there a way to make an Image of the whole drive rather than the 5 individual partitions?

    Also, dont suppose has anyone tried replacing the drive with a cleanly wiped drive? Kind of curious to know if it'll rebuild itself or prompt for a firmware file or something on boot up

  6. 10 hours ago, nimrud said:

    I found a sigma tangoX kernel tree at https://github.com/mansr/linux-tangox/ but not exactly our kernel version...

    The kernel was apparently build for our box with the toolchain https://sourcery.mentor.com/public/gnu_toolchain/mips-linux-gnu/mips-4.4-303-mips-linux-gnu.bin

    Been digging around online myself.

    It appears our exact Kernal was also used in the Eltex-NV102 media player. Looks to be a lot of similarities with the CS100s hardware wise and its been hacked.

    I found a Russian forum thread here with someone looking to install a version of Astra on the box and it looks like it was possible. Hard to understand the poorly translated Russian.

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  7. Picked up one of these myself, if anything just for the drive and a mess with the CS100 itself.

    I'm a complete novice with Linux and coding, but I am a hardware engineer by trade so I should be able to contribute somewhat to hacking this.

    Going to pull it apart later and have a good look around.


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