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  1. But I do know the network key? I am attempting this on my home router
  2. Firstly, welcome here!! Secondly, this reply was awesome mate. Great read. I understand what you are saying and I understand the theory behind it now. It was a good example. From watching the Kah5 videos of Darren in his video labelled "Primer to PrimeAP" - I didn't realise to accomplish that it had to be on an OPEN wifi... As like I stated... How many Wifi's now-a-days are NOT wpa2 encrypted? But it makes perfect sense now. Lets say... On someones phone... They have their HOUSE wifi auto connect... So as soon as then get home, it auto connects to their home router which is WPA2 encrypted... but ofcourse it just auto connects because its remembered... but lets say that same phone had JUST come back from starbucks who has an open wifi... And that phone has connected to starbucks (so obviously that is ALSO saved in the phone) If you set up the TETRA... Would the TETRA pick up the signals for that starbucks wifi? because ofcourse the phone has it saved already and will be sending out probe requests to find it... or would it only work IF i shut the home router off, meaning it couldnt actually connect to it? In other words, if a device is already connected to wifi... Does it stop sending out probe requests for other saved wifi's?
  3. Yes sir, practicing at home was my first initial test. But forgetting my home AP would delete the object? Nobody at work is going to click "forget" on their works wifi are they? What you said at the end about wont get Auto Associations from WPA/WPA2 AP requests? Well doesn't this just defeat the object? Where I live, I rarely ever see Wifi that us in encrypted these days... Especially office wifi.
  4. So the other week I posted TWO threads about my Pineapple Nano and Tetra. I have not recieved much information on the posts from anyone. I am just wondering why nobody is able to give me an answer for the fact neither of my devices are capturing clients? I have watched the YouTube vid by Hak5 on "Going from prime to primeap" - Where he shows you adding the MACs to the Pool, also adding the SSID to the pool, enabling deamon and every check box, and then deauthing everyone off the network... The deauth DOES NOT WORK. And I am not receiving ANY clients?
  5. Please can you just shed a little light on this for me. I too am having the exact same problem with my nano and tetra... no matter how many times I deauth... Nobody gets deauthed off my router... I mean i have the clients in the filter list set to enabled (all the clients on my router) - I also add the SSID to the pool.... I have deamon set with all the tick boxes... But no matter what I do, nobody gets deauthed and i never capture any clients???
  6. When I click deauth... it goes green and say successful but nobody actually gets deauthed off my router?? Plus my pineapple (both nano and tetra) never capture any clients?? The only way they capture clients is if I make my target connect to my pineapples AP?? Which seems stupid... The method of beaconing out SSIDs does not seem to work at all
  7. Yes I did end up capturing SSID's because they started showing up in the pool automatically. I did have all the PineAP boxes ticked which is left of the pool. And then once I saw this... I went back to recon to deauth everyone off the router so they would auto connect back to my pineapple thinking they was actually auto-connecting back to their router... But this happened and no clients were captured? And at the time I had my phone out connected to my router via my phone (this is why i asked if it works for mobile devices)
  8. So i have set my Nano up. I have updated to the lastest firmware. I have gone into recon mode and clicked scan over 15 seconds. I have picked up my router that all my devices are connected to in the house. I went down the list of associated devices and added them to the filters. I also turned filters to allow... I went into the PineAP and ticked all the boxes. I then went back to the recon page and Deauthed my router... But it is not connecting any devices? How come this is? I am still browing the web on my phone (i tried both on the windows and connected to an android and both times no associated clients) I am however sending out a spoofed AP named Open Wifi... But that is not my goal? My goal is the make every device connected to my router, actually connect to my pineapple and then into my wifi? But no devices are being captured? P.S. Will the nano also pick up mobile phone devices? I have had some problems in the passed with MITM techniques not actually picking up mobile phones (pref new ones like the s7 edge and the iphone 7)
  9. Aaaagh!! Thank you so much friend! I am going to try this out! Your help has been amazing and I thank you for trying to help me overcome this. Big thanks to you mate!
  10. Oh ok interesting! Thanks for this little info. Might come in handy!
  11. This sounds very promising. Thank you very much.
  12. I don't think its supposed to run it, rather save it as that name, rather than ggg.txt (as shown in image)
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