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  1. I was incorrent, its changed since I last looked at it then, I remember a year or so back having great difficulty with GIMP. I will have to give it another try. Out of interest what level of the industry do you work at? I did a degree in photography myself and at the time, GIMP just wasn't up to the standard of Adobe's offerings.

    I'm not saying it can't be used proffesionally, I know a lot of SFX houses use linux for various tasks as the can mash it up anyway required. What i am saying is Photoshop is an industry standard, and makes a better product that GIMP (this is an issue that plauges the commerical applications of linux and its ilk.)

    I do freelance Web Design / Development. I mostly use Inkscape for design, and GIMP for post processing.

  2. They already know what the problem is, they are trying to clone photoshop and not make GIMP a image editor in its own right. Photoshop is still a far better product as its industry standard and supports stuff GIMP doesn't (32bit color per channel for instance). Cinepaint (http://www.cinepaint.org/) is actually used proffesionally however, and would be better than GIMP.

    I'm not arguing with anyone, but I read the mailing lists. People point out problems that no one noticed before, all the time. The back-end of GIMP (GEGL) has support for 32 bits per channel, and there is a patch in the works to support white balance on high bit depth images. Its a matter of not having enough developers. I use GIMP professionally, it can produce professional results. I hope people would spend their time constructively, and make GIMP better instead of bashing it constantly.

  3. First of all GIMP is an open source project. If you don't like it -- if you find it frustrating to use, let developers know. They're actively trying to make it a better program.

    Second, you might want to check out Inkscape, Or if you want to get your web 2.0 on, try Pixlr.

  4. XMMS is old. Use Audacity.

    I think you mean Audacious, Audacity is the audio editor. I prefer Banshee for music and VLC for video. XMMS is available, you need to add the Universe repos (under software sources) then "sudo apt-get install xmms2".

  5. First things first anti-virus and firewall software are already useless. Software that protects against other software doesn't work.

    Next, just because the source is released doesn't mean its less secure. Open Source software tends to be more secure. Security through obscurity is no security at all.

  6. The way most websites are written is that only a unique ID is stored in the cookie, and all data regarding the session is stored on the server. Depending how that ID is generated it could lead to session hijacking. PHP's default session ID are usually prone to hijacking because it doesn't automatically check the ID for validity. So, it really depends on how the site was written.

  7. So, I've been working on the concept of JavaScript allowing "non-traditional" variable names. I wrote about it in my blog yesterday, and I was wondering if you guys/gals could help me compile a list of browsers that support it. So far I've tried it in Opera and Firefox, which neither fully support them. The test script is here. If you could, post the last three lines along with the Browser, Version, and OS.

    Also, (so this isn't just big fat plug for my blog) what could be done with non-traditional variables? Well, besides making the ugliest code ever. :P


    I should probably warn you that the script takes a long time to execute. It tests almost 14,000 characters.


    I got my VM up and running again, so I've tested Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE under windows.

  8. Thats odd, I've never seen that happen.  It appears that the bar is collapsing, which happens when an element is empty or the contents has taken out of the document flow by using "position: absolute".  The div's could be causing firefox to render in quirks mode, which is well... quirky.

    And when you "saved the source" was it the just the html or the css too?

  9. I browsers prevent that type of access, unless the page in the frame is from the same domain as the page containing it.

    Its a XSS vulnerability.

    you could have a form like:

    <form action="cleanMe.php" method="get">
    <input type="text" id="url" name="url" />
    <input type="submit" />

    and  cleanMe.php could look like:

    $page = file_get_contents($_GET['url']);
    //process $page
    echo $page;

    when you process $page you would then rewrite all the links as cleanMe.php?url=<url>

  10. Sigh

    And K1u, the question wasn't about the loop, it was about the function to call to get it to eject. When you program in C, and you want a CDtray function to open or close based on the last parameter, you make that parameter a numeric value and define valid constants for the numeric value in a header file. Similarly, the drive letter should just be that: a letter. A single char is plenty.

    Hmmm... I didn't know about DeviceIoControl(). I'm assuming mciSendString() is just a wrapper for it and a few other functions.

    Who needs a loop anyway?  All you have to do is turn on auto eject. which will continuously eject the tray even after the program closes.  In the MSDN blog post i linked to earlier it cleverly disguises the program as a web accelerator, while secretly ejects the cd tray at random intervals.

  11. Can't people code anything constructive these days..?

    sometimes you need to have a little fun... unless you're the one trying to stop the cd drive from opening and closing, but there is always revenge. :twisted:

  12. Great show, sad to have missed it.  It's not nearly as bad as you (Darren) claim it to be.

    on the dying hdd note, a couple of days ago my hdd started making grinding noises, no clicking yet.  I did backup immediately, and now I'm trying to resist the urge to do anything important.

    [me=psychoaliendog]waits patiently for Monday, open banks, and new hard drives.[/me]

  13. I have a felling Sparda is right, don't trust anything with a flashing "Free Download."

    The software appears to be (poorly) rebranded warez,  For instance "Total Video Player" is Winamp with the default skin modified to say "Total Video Pro".  Your best off, finding who really makes that software and using that version.


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