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  1. Thanks, but that link was for sandisk drives only.

    However, I was able to answer my own question.

    While verbatim does not provide a u3 recovery, they did have a vista patch for my drive. http://www.verbatim.com/downloads/U3/u3upd...verbatim_us.exe

    Should I have wanted to completely remove u3 from the drive, I could have used:


    All my original files are still intact. and now I have the added side effect of being able to read the thumb drive on a Vista computer. sweetness.

  2. I remember visiting these forums 3 months ago and everyone was saying the same thing back then,.. Pandora changed the way thier system works. Pandora.jar no longer work because of this.

    There is no point waisting your time with this, it doesn't work. The people that are telling you they got it working are just messing with you.

    This will not work until a new version of Pandora.jar comes out, the current one DOES NOT WORK.

  3. I used the Universal Customizer Release on my Verbatim 1gig U3 drive and it completed successful (it said).

    I ejected the drive and then put it back in. The U3 menu no longer appears. I can only navigate to the cd drive and see the files that it copied there:




    As I said, it's a cd drive, so I do not have Write access to the drive.

    What can I do?

    Can someone provide me with a way of fixing this?

  4. there are tubes!

    send me an internet on the tubes

    if you send me something on the internet the tubes will fill.

    there are lots of internets


    Ya,.. I just heard this on one of Leo's podcasts... Can you believe this?... People that are out of touch with technology are making laws to govern the future of the net with thier lobbing buddies.

    There seems to be much talk about this on the net, but for some reason our voice is not being heard. How do we organize better to actually get stuff done?

  5. That would be ultra cool!

    I would for Seagull Scientific (seagull scientific.com) and we produce the industry leading RFID software.

    I can probably hook you guys up with a free license.

    RFID stuff is soo cool. I'd really like to see a segment on some RFID TOYS.

  6. Yous show needs more references to the band kiss.

    I would appreciate if we could get the essence that is Kiss mixed in with Hardware hacks.

    I see both of you coming out in full kiss band attire and rockign to air gee-tars.

    rock on

  7. I have an idea.

    release more often. (I thought that up myself) try to incorporate it into your show.

    I like the podcast,.. but like..... where are they?

    also,.. please hire juggy girls to dance between segments. It worked for adam corolla and look where he is. oh yea.. a really bad radio show... NM.

    but please,.. more releases,... and girls on trampoleens.

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