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  1. I can finally sync bookmarks and tabs to my phone (without using Safari)! So happy.

  2. We only really met once in a Hangout, but it was enough to recognize @Viking_Lass on the stream. Yay. I love when #chatrealm members are on.

  3. I uploaded a @YouTube video Movie Draft Minute - Week 14

  4. Thank you @Squarespace for sponsoring @NSFWshow. Also thanks for the awesome platform that I use for my personal site currently.

  5. Totally upped the quality of the graphic design thing I was working on. Looks so much better. #chatrealm

  6. I liked a @YouTube video Firefly Intro - The Avengers Style

  7. I uploaded a @YouTube video Movie Draft Minute - Week 13

  8. Awesome job on @TWiT as always @shwood.

  9. Well, I guess I should get on #SWTOR and get my characters transferred. Maybe play a little too lol.

  10. I liked a @YouTube video Youtube Haiku - Compilation #1

  11. Well, that thing I'm trying to compile is a pain in the ass. I guess that's what I get for compiling obscure untested things.

  12. Here's something interesting, a public key. I opened that with GnuPG, the name is eef5204d6a, and email address for the key is The stuff at the bottom I can only find references to in relation to Retroshare. I can add that key as a friend. I doubt that would ever work, seeing as the ports listed in there aren't open on those ip's. This is in the TXT records for right now, and also in a pastbin file titled "eef5204d6a" here The ip address listed maps to, which has an open ssh port, filtered smtp, an open rcpbind port and filtered voip port (H.323/Q.931).