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Easiest linux distro to change theme


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Ubuntu and Gnome make changing the themes super easy.

System > Preferences > Appearance to change and install new theme files, right click on the user changer to the top right corner of the screen and pick "configure login manager" to change the GDM style.

hit up http://art.gnome.org/ for some great styles, login managers, window decorations, titlebar styles and icon sets.

More advanced users are going to want to turn on the extra ubuntu repositories in the package manager and install the following packages

compizconfig-settings-manager (More compiz settings than you can shake a stick at)

avant-window-navigator (OSX Style Dock for Gnome)

Screenlets or Gdesklets (Dashboard style widgets for Gnome)

Super linux hackers will want to look into the .bashrc .profile and .bash_profile files in your home directory and customizing their USplash bootsplash configuration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usplash

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