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List of Software to intsall wothout IT


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I was wondering if it is possible for IT to setup a list of software that can be installed when users need them on their machines. I had this at few gaming companies where I work before. I was wondering how they did that. Like free ones and ones they owned.

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I personally don't know of any other software out there that does this already, but you could write your own really easily. Just simply set up an allowed EXE list on the network's server, and then run a service on each PC that kills any process that's not on the approved list (and of course protects itself from being killed).

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Novel eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory both allow you to do this, but I would recommend going with the Micrsoft stuff.


Thanks Vako,

This what my IT wrote. Need some really help.

I am actually using Group Policy fairly extensively already for other things, and have used Group Policy based installations before. There are many limitations with that method, but the biggest are that it requires an MSI installer that most programs do not have, and the system is unusable during the installation. You also have no way of pushing the application at a specific time, so if I deployed a package using Group Policy all the systems would update at different time (that's by design).

As far as the MSI limitation, there are ways to make an MSI for programs that do not have them, but it's a fairly arduous process that we do not have time for right now.

We will likely look at this in the future, but I don't want to introduce something radically new at this point in the process.

I do appreciate the ideas, and I would definitely be interested in the others you've dealt with though just to see if there are some that I haven't used.

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