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Rollin' out my own linux distro


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Here's a piece of advice from my skim through on this topic. Download debian 4.0r5 netinstall. When prompt remove the * from "desktop" and just install the base system. apt-get install : everything you need. If the package is referred to as a different name use apt-cache search "package name". I PROMIS YOU. with a well built ground up debian system you'll absoloutly fall in love. apt-get and apt-cache search will be your 2 best friends if you wish to stay a debian/ubuntu user. If you do go the debian route be careful on which ubuntu packages you use... Also using just a base system will let u completely desgin your desktop enviroment perfectly for example. If you want gnome just install gnome and gdm, or just kde, or just enlightenment. Your system will be simple, up to your standards and you wont have a bunch of useless crap installed and running for no apparent reason. I do believe someone already mentioned a base install of debian and they're correct. If your are scared or just not fluent enough in linux to work from a terminal I sugguest you stop while your ahead and download a few books. Whatever your path is that you may choose, good luck!

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that crash and die guy needs to chill out.

ive been thinking about making my own live distro. just so i can learn a bit about it.

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