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Good Passwords


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Yeah I think you can but you can pick up a USB fingerprint scanner for £40 and with a little work you can get it to work with Linux and OSX, they will work with windows out of the box.

You can also pick up a keyboard with a fingerprint scanner built in for £50.

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I prefer to use words that are easy to remember. Like my first name, or my dogs name. Even better is my favorite movie, or my mom's maiden name. Examples of good passwords:








Try those out and see how they work for you :) Make sure you set your passphrase to never expire

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I am a lazy SOB and am not into the whole special charcter thing. But, what I do is: take the name of someone I know I will remember. Take each letter of their name, find out the corresponding number of the alphabet, and convert each letter's number to hex. And BAM! Theres your password.

For Example:

Say I have a thing for this lass named "Raven Riley," here is what it would look like:


End Result: 121165E129C519

Dumb? Probably, but it makes me feel special.

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What I do is take a phrase and other things around me that means something to me and mix it up with a combo of leet speak and special characters.

One password that I used to use was designed like this:

Lets say I drive a 98 Chevy Impala

One method to enter programing mode to an older phone system I used to work on at a place I'll call MS.

so my password ended up being something like 98ch3/y#0*4M$

Then I would apply a portion of this passowrd to other sites. example:

ebay would be something like eb98ch3/y

or yahoo would be yh#0*4M$

This is just one scheme I have used over time.

I have used several password cracking tools to test the strenghth of my own passwords and every password in current use that I have doesn't crack easily without a long period of time. Afterall, if someone (or a group of someones) has enough time, almost any password is crackable.

Another thing that I can add, which has already been stated once or twice is to use an alt + sequence to create a truely special character that is even harder to crack.

My real passwords are also usually at least 14 characters (not including spaces) for my workstation(s) but server admin accounts are always longer if/when I can.

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On a crap machine that I didn't care about and always wanted to login to quickly, my password was ""

Because on a QWERTY keyboard the key is right above enter, so its a single keystroke to login.

Very lame, very insecure, and guess what? rainbow crack with the most basic char set couldnt crack it. the chr wasnt in the table. yeah, I know, very very basic chr set. it think it was only 400MB and covered alphanumeric.

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However, Charmap isn't really very easy to get to if this is your network or system password... ;)

I love you moonlit... its like... I don't have to say anything anymore, you know exactly what I am thinking. :D

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well heres now i came up with mine, i took a random word that i could remember then used md5 to hash it, then i just remembered the hash and i vary the length depending on the importance, so 8-32chars, i also mix in a pattern of shifts + key.

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If you have issues remembering long password that do not make sence here is a tip I would offer. Right now I look around the room for a random item the first thing that caught my eye was a lampshade. So I am going to make the word lampshade more secure. While I was typing this it was 7:27 so I am going to use the number 27 as well. I would then make the password something like this.


It is 13 characters uses capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Opinions on how secure the password is and the method of creation are welcome.

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cmp79: That's not a bad way to do it, but people might forget what time it was or what item.

My method...


For the longest time this was my 16-character password: OrJozvNfcNbaSOVu

I don't use it anymore, don't even try.

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