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gateway/vista networking probs?


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Hey all, hope you're all doin good. So I'm having a prob w/ my g/f's computer. she has a gateway running vista home basic. she's also been having a ton of networking problems. By "networking problems" I mean taking minutes of repeated attempts to connect to a single website (most of the time it just times out), trouble connecting to online services like rhapsody or WoW, and sometimes not even able to ping our home router. it has a wired connection to our router. I also have 3 other computers connected to the router and they don't have any networking problems whatsoever, so i don't think it's the router.

Some things I've tried to do to fix it:

-replace the ethernet cable with one known to work on my other computers and on different ports on the router, and the problem still persists, so it's not the cable or router port.

-i've reloaded the TCP/IP stack with "netsh int ip reset" and restarted the computer. Afterwards it may work fine for a few hours but then it just goes back to crapping out and not connecting to the network.

So it seems to me that the problem is local to the box, and maybe a software/driver problem with Vista or Gateway. Has anyone had or heard of any similar issues? Any other recommendations to try to rid it of it's networking rebellion?

Thanks for all your help/advice!

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rock on. i hadn't heard of that causing temporary network disconnects before you suggested it. we'll disable it tonight and let you know if/how it worked. :)

Thanks for the tip Sparda!

I had a Cisco ASA5510 with an older IOS that would die if a Vista machine with IPv6 enabled would connect to it. Also, you may want to look into updating the router's firmware and see if that helps as well. I know that it doesn't exactly relate to your current situation, but I had a westcom dsl gateway that wouldn't accept any dell wireless cards. It required a firmware update as well. Could be an issue with your network card manufacturer and the router manufacturer.


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