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Second antenna mod

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i'm back again with my finished 2nd antenna mod. I managed to find a spare SMA connector from a janked Wifi PCI card. It was kind of a pain to solder the 2nd antenna but I managed to do it after 15 minutes or so. Make sure you tin the golden pads before attempting to solder on the board. Also another special note, don't be a dummy like me and take out the board while soldering. I slightly melted a bit of my plastic housing :\ bah.

Hopefully I can get some signal strength stats and you guys can compare with the stock one. I should have done it before the mod :\

what's next? I'm thinking of attaching a directional antenna and link it down the street with my neighbor using WDS. Hopefully we'll have some fun times playing Gears of War on LAN. Check out my link if you want to see what the antenna looks like.

p.s. 500K attachment upload limit isn't alot btw. If anyone wants to see more pics of the dual antennas or directional antenna, please visit my flickr page @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/64336055@N00/

If you guys have any questions, let me know.

Cheers guys.



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Do you get any gains with crappy rubber duck antennas?

The performance gain is little but it's noticeable. One thing I did find out by testing is the stock SMA cable that comes with the FON is crap comparing to one I soldered with.

I just bought 2x 10dbi antennas on ebay and when I get some time, I'll compile different types of performance results.

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may be worth looking up making a 14 element yagi beam antenna very directional and good db gain.

might be worth a slot on the show too.

ive yet to mess with the 2.4 ghz freq range but i have made plenty other antenna's in my cb 27mhz - 70cm - 10mtr radio dxing days it used to be great talking to peeps all around europe when the propagation conditions was up

great site for designs

antenna designs

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