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CSS and TF2 ban list and admin manger

PC 349bds

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Hi I am PC I am a co owner of DevilDogs0311.com

We have a nice infrastructure all set up if you would like I can help you set one up also or you can use ours.

We only have a CSS DM 24/7 CrackHouse server but we will be expanding soon.

I have some bata stats programs but it cant handle over 500 people =( per server.

CSS and TF2 ban list and admin manger.

I would be willing to give all of the trusted hak5 fokes admin lvl 3 or 4 (the guys that have admin, rcon, or moderator).

you can control who is admin on your servers and what lvl (if you dont like some of the devildogs guys being admin on your server).

the only thing I ask if you use my ban list is when a admin bans some one plez give some good info on the ban, takes some pics, or take a demo. this helps with reference and the protests of the bans.

For a longterm server I would recommend using sourcemod it is far nicer to work with and has a ton of stuff for it like some auto banning programs that remove the cheaters and annoying fokes from the server. And ban tracking is made far simpler. And you dont have to deal with asking all the admins who banned who and why.

Check out my server and web page to see what I am talking about.

Devil Dogs home page

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