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Meraki Mini running jasager

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Hi Hak5 Forum Members

I have a Meraki mini that i installed OpenWrt 7.09 firmware

and have installed jasager for the fon

when i started the gui and set the ath0 and turned on the karma service.

i was using my notebook to test to see if the system would connect.

when my notebook connected the karma dhcp system would not give me an ip address only an private ip

of 169.xxx.xxx.xxx and not the 10.1.1.xxx ip address that was set.

do i need to install the dhcp-relay and the dhcp-server packages

and change the dhcp settings to route the ip address

here is a snapshot on the meraki mini system

Snapshot Images

Thanks darkevilent :)

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You need to set up a dhcp system, I use the dhcp server on the fon. I would point you at the guide on the openwrt site but their wiki is down at the moment so I can't. When it comes up just search for it, you should find it.

I configured my dhcp server using webif, you don't have to worry about command line stuff then.

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Openwrt comes with dynmasq which will do dhcp, but i had trouble working with my orinoco gold cards but it did work ok with the wusb54g ralink.

not too sure what i did to get it working but it does.

I just need to work out how to rout the wireless clients to a proxy now.

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I've been looking at the Meraki Mini as an alternative to the Fon but it looks pretty expensive at $150... http://meraki.com/products_services/hardware/indoor/

It seems these are all just Systems on Chips or SoC's from Accton http://www.accton.com/products/datasheet.htm#7 check out the Mini-Router MR3202A

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