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i was in haxors palace(external programs, other synchronet systems. number 10) and checking out their door games. they had one caled exitilus. it was similar to lord but its like its extended. including running your own land, buying farms or mines, ect, ect in order to make more money per day. think lord on steroids. lord is still better just because its such a quick play. but exitilus has more to it therefore provides more entertainment.

Exitilus v.3.0b2===============

|Exitilus is a fantasy door game involving


|incredible monster fights, bloody player


|battles, merchants, thievery, trickery,


|daring quests, large kingdoms, unimaginable


|conquests, highly intellectual magic, skill,|

|creatures from beyond imagination, user


|interaction, and one hell of a brave soul...|


|Exitilus is back! Come and get the newest|

=|version. See the new features, the fixed|

==|bugs, check it out for yourself!|======


if you guys are willing to put the game in the bbs you can find it here http://www.dreamlandbbs.com/files/bbs/doormisc/index.html


and on the official LoRD site theres a program called "DIYIGM" to make your own igm. maybe someone would want to try making one lol.


for those that think the bbs is a waste of time and is outdated stuff that wont take off on the net. check the external programs and other synchronet systems. check out haxors palace and put in an application. if you get accepted you will find over 30 different boards with usually 1000 messages a piece. its as active as the hak5 forums are if not more so.

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yeah. you can spend all your time fighting, declare war on another players empire, or just spend time making gold and investing it in money making farms or mines.

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