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Open WRT: Fon+ V3.0.2 r1

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Finally I got my router which is plugged into my laptop through lan.

I cant seem to telnet in, I know it sounds n00bish but it just wont do it.

I have closed down zonealarm and turned off windows firewall, the routers setup as default to as gateway.

I turned dchp off from router and changed tcp/ip on my laptop to, subnet and gateway

I open putty and put in the box, set port to 9000 and select telnet.

I then open a box and type in ping -t, i noticed that it will connect for 10secs with windows saying "lan connected".

It will then disconnect me after 10secs and connect again, is this the time when the bootloader starts to the kernel loading?

Also i noticed that seems to redirect to when you ping or access gui over a webpage. also does the same with a redirect when either pinged or http access.

Does this exploit even work with firmware 3.0.2 r1 or should I somehow downgrade firmware to install openwrt.

Can anyone help me because this is so annoying.

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I have the same model 2001c.And i'm having no luck.

pinging like you on with my Laptop set to

also on / also no worky.

What's thisI puged it into my router. ??? :blink:

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