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Remote Desktop... how safe is it?


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Can anyone elaborate on the downfalls of Remote Desktop, with the built in windows application, third party solutions, etc.

intel vPro, supposedly can flash a bios while the computer is off??? wtf?

Thank you, i am currently doing a project for school, and i know you guys always have some great ideas!

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I just watched a great podcast on firmware from blackhat lol.. but you want to know about RD downfalls.




Remote desktop is exploitable however great care goes into keeping it safe. Using ssh and other things will greatly reduce you ability to be exploited. There were a few 3rd party tools at one point that were extremely vulnerable to buffer overflow and allowed an attacker the ability to take control a computer running said 3rd party tools. If it was me I would focus on:

What is Remote Desktop

i. When was the first Remote Desktop Client/Server Made

a. Describe it

ii. Where is it being used

a. Corporations

b. Homes

c. Government

iii. History of exploits.

iv. Type of exploits


b. ARP?

c. Buffer Overflow

d. Social Engineering

v. Conclusion

a. What are some ways to secure it

b. Your Opinions

c. ????

d. Profit

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