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Suggestion: Open source game for the LAN party?


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Just a suggestion that for the next LAN party, could we play an open source game instead of something like CSS which is windows only? Its just that not all of us run a windows gaming machine which we can use for the LAN parties and there are plenty of good open source games to chose from such as True Combat Elite, Cube, Tremulous.

I'd love to join the gaming fun and I'm sure others are in the same position as I am.


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I recommend UrbanTerror, a first-class first-person-shooter on the Quake3 engine, kind of open source counter strike with Bomb Mode, CTF, FFA, Teams, free weapon choice. There're plenty of servers with great people on it.

Edit: UrbanTerror is for Linux, Macs and Windows.

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory ftw. The precursor to the Quake themed enemy territory (set in WW2). Just as epic.

It's main problem: It's open source

Because of it's popularity and it's open source, many servers run modded versions of the game (that your client will happily download and run) that are basically trojans, some even go as far as turning the game in to advertising tool.

Open source is cool, a wild west "run any C code you want on your clients" is epic fail. The best (and only) mod that should be used is the ETpro mod, makes the game far more playable.

It's, essentially, worse than IE. The only defence against these servers is to install the mods you want manually (ETpro) and turn off automatic download of mods in your client. The result been you can't play on many servers because they have have mods installed that aren't malicious but your client can't tell the difference, the few spoil it for the many.


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If you don't trust the game, or the content it might pull, don't run with Administrator or root privileges, and run the game in a sandbox if you're that worried.

As for some good FOSS games, I'd vote Nexuiz or OpenArena, but I'm not a PC gamer, so I'm unlikely to be taking part in any case.

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I love Warsow, I played it a bit last year and its solid. I'll see what we can do about making the next game FOSS

Let me know if you are going to need some European servers for Warsow, I can help you out in that matter ;)

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true combat elite can be found here http://www.truecombat.us/ as I understand it you just need to do a normal install and then run the server app instead of the client.

urban terror - http://www.urbanterror.net/news.php

warsow - http://www.warsow.net/?page=home

nexuiz - http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/

Cube 2 - http://sauerbraten.org/

hope that helps

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Soldat was some chaotic game I got into a while back.

Think of CS2D + Worms/Liero + The fast pace action of UT.

Pics don't do justice. You'll have to play it to enjoy it. Great for those with low end rigs too:


Very fun game, I get the itch to play that every once in a while. Just a note; it's free but it's not FOSS. However, it will work under WINE in Linux.

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The game is basically quake I/II. Might as well be anyway.



Currently what I am playing now. It's an online FPS, again, a lot like quake. Fast servers, not very much lag, graphics aren't Crysis, but they do.



Basically the same as Nexuiz, less graphically stunning however.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. (ET)


More for the graphically inclined.

Urban Terror.


Think of it as an expansion to Enemy Territory, or not.

Americas Army.


Nice Army sim.

Battle for Wesnoth


This is pretty addicting, MMORPG, great gameplay.



From what I see

It looks pretty sick. I read some on the wiki, and apparently it is a fairly large, growing FPS. I haven't played this yet, but it looks interesting.

True Combat: Elite


Soldiers of Fortune clone...ish.

Assault Cube


Pretty Run N Gun.



This is my personal favorite. Good graphics, fast server, good weapons, it just all around makes a nice FOSS game.

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