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Creating MD5 hashes in Windows

Darren Kitchen

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What exactly are you looking for in a MD5 program? FastSum looks pretty good, but if you don't like it, it might be good to know what your baseline requirements are.

As to what I use, I don't (due to not only running Ubuntu on my desktop, but just not doing MD5 stuff on the Windows machines I use anyway, or the Ubuntu machine either). If I did, I'd probably hack something together myself.

Just as a general question, does keeping MD5 values of files really help with integrity? Most of the time for me, if stuff starts corrupting, it's a whole disk. I don't download that much stuff (mainly due to being on dialup still), so I guess that's why it's slightly lost to me how helpful this could be.

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FastSum is ok, it's just cumbersome. I was looking for something a bit more lightweight that would integrate well with the explorer context menu. Not a big deal really, I could make a command line solution work probably.

Up until now I didn't really have a need for MD5 hashes of files either, but when you've got to deliver an 8gb AVI file split into 80 some odd 100mb parts to revision3 via FTP every week.... yeah. It sucks.

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I use this little app, that you just drag the file onto its icon and it gives you the md5 hash. It then launches a little cmd window with the hash.


Forget where I found it, but I used it to verify some Linux distros and worked great for me. Fast and easy.

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