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I have just switched from Qwest DSL to Bresnan Cable. Because I decided to purchase my DSL Modems, I now own to very useless modems - one modem/wirless gateway and one modem only. I've been hunting the web for projects but Google seems to fail me (esp. since I'm not about to sift through more than the first 3 pages of results) in my search for haks and mods. Does anyone have know what I can do eith these modems other than pitching them in the bin? $130 of electronics deserve more, especially if it's possible to scrap the firmware for stuff that'll make 'em multifunctional.

If nobody has projects to offer, then this might have to turn into a mod/hak challenge.

PS - the modems in question are both Actiontec. the M1000 and the GT701-WG

- I also have a total of 6 PCs in my house (5 desktops and 1 laptop), so networking solutions are the prefered outcome for these usless modems. On top of all of this, getting two Belkin F5D7230-4 Wirless G routers to either bridge wirelessly or incorperate as part of the networking solutions for one killer jury rigged home network would be great.

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