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SHITS bad! Don’t Do It. You could go to jail or worse, get fined!!!

How to download Pages

I had a paper due for a class and had to print my sources. Well... The Library on campus didn't really have the info I wanted so I turned to Google Books.

Step 1

Find the book you are citing. Navigate to the specific page you want to print using the left (<) and right (>) arrows on the page.

Step 2

Open DownloadThemAll>Pictures and Embedded

Step 3

The URLS that start with bks[0-XXX]. are the book pages.

Step 4

Remember this is copyrighted material and the author spent millions of hours writing all this. This might be illegal; I’m no scientist so I don't know. So I didn’t do it, this is just a way that I found so don't sue me! I'm broke anyways.

Step 5


Step 6

DON'T Profit

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I cannot connect to IRC so i dont know if this post breaks forum rules so if a mod can get back to me that would be great.

Um, do you get a kick or ban error? Cause IRC is working just fine. I doubt your post merits a ban.

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University internet. It keeps timing out... I haven't had the need to connect to IRC in a while so i may fix it when i get some time. Oh well

Most likely they are blocking the port #, so try the browser version, like mibbit or a java client and see if that gets around it. There is also IRC at work, but I never used any of them.

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Breaking the rules on the forum won't get you banned from IRC, and IRC rules do not apply on the forum.

Oh i know that. I am not banned from IRC, just connot connect threw my network here in the dorms. I just wanted to be sure that this post did break the "forum" rules. Thank you though moonlit

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