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Show Segment: USA PSN Video Access EURO

Matt {Undead}

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but ill go ahead anyway.

First of all nice to see hak5 joining rev3, long time viewer since episode 1 here.

A few weeks ago I came across a guy in the UK who managed to setup a VPN to re route all his ps3 traffic to an VPN server rented in america.

The idea for this was to be able to access the USA PSN video store from outside the US, I know this can be done by anyone when creating a PSN account but the geo tracking stops anyone outside USA from viewing the video store within the PSN store.

I found a guide for this and was really confused on how this whole thing is setup, so why not have a segment on hak5 explaining howto pull this off.

Heres a video of the guy browsing videos off the USA PSN store on his UK ps3, as you can see he has access to the section and can browse through the list of decent movies sony has to offer.


Once this hack is done you can then gain access to store, pay for videos using an entropay card and sit back and enjoy.


I dont see why the rest of the world has to wait for sony to add movies to other regions months after there shown on US PSN, also its not like people are not paying for this since they would just use entropay to pay same as any american ps3 owner would.

So in a nutshell the hack is to re direct all ps3 traffic to a box with VPN client, it then goes to a rented VPN server in USA which enables access to the store.

The guide has windows versions and linux but it would really help if someone made a simple guide on howto set this up.

The segment should explain the physical aspects of the hack along with the software side.

Anyway heres where I found the guide.. http://www.vgwatchdog.com/?p=28

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