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[Virtual Server] Detecting the Host Machine name.


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Hey guys,

At working I have a Virtual Server image Mapped to a Portable HD which I take around diffrent machines and install a copy onto that host machine, however with doing this I alway have to start the Image up on each machine and configure the Ip and computer name of each one so I do not get any conflicts, which can be very impractical for me.

What I'm asking is, is there anyway of getting the virtual pc to easily and quickly find the machine name that it's hosted on? as then i could set up a script that will automatically assign the right IP and Computer Name.

I know I could achive this by using loopbacks but the setting up of a loopback, I mayt as well just configure the IP and Name Manually

thanks for the time


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Only way I can think of doing that is getting the Virtual Machine and Host Machine to create a network between them so that they can talk, you can get the Host machines name from that.

The clean way would be if there was an API call that could be made, but I doubt that exists for a number of reasons and I'm not going to do that research.

Another way of doing would be if you set up a provisioning script that ran on the host machine which altered the FS of the virtual machine before it was switched on, writing the configuration into the system. Thats the only safe, clean and relatively simple way of doing it. I don't know whether any of the hypervisors support running a script on the host machine before turning the virtual one on or not.

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