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a funny little program I found


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It's almost 11pm.... way past my bedtime...... i'll correct any mistakes 2mrw

I'm studying for some linux exam thingy; staying up revising various topics. I decided that I would like to have an audio book, to listen to on the bus to work. My printer is kaput. So I looked around at some text to speech software..and I found a program called festival. I'll just post some of the quick start examples:

This is so fucking good:

echo "smack me with a wet noodle" | festival --tts

For the none unix people here: What this is doing is echoing (printing) the sentence 'smack me with a wet noodle' to standard output on the command line and piping (passing) it to the festival program; converting the text, into speech.

Got that? Nice... you can guess what this does:

date '+%A, %B %e, %Y' | festival --tts

Ok, what about this:
#!/usr/bin/php -q
// seed srand
// what is the random number?
echo "The random number for the day is " . rand(1,25);

./rand.php | festival --tts

echo "smack me with a wet noodle" | text2wave -scale 50 -o beautiful_day.wav

Converts it to wav file

ok, and now for something completely pointless an annoying :):

tail -f /home/wetelectric/irc/chat.log | grep '<' | festival --tts

you can write a little script that would capture the text inbetween the <> chars and do some pre-processing on the name before hand... you know... if you have no life and that ;)

you can also set up audible intrusion alarms... er... a really lame one:

grep /var/log/messages | echo `wc -l` "attempts so far to haxxor your boxxer by bastard number 1" | festival --tts

erm think crontab........ any more decent ones?

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Will this run in a cygwin type deal on windows? The texttowave part looks like it would be cool to make mp3's later on, or if it can do direct to mp3, even better.

It would be cool to make a php script for your web page and can make text to speech to wav to mp3 for people coming to the site. Maybe do the whole RSS thing automated in PHP and kick out an mp3 for podcasts from transcripts of news sites or similar. I smell a hak5 community project....

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That is quite nifty! I'm going to use this to tell my dog to get off the couch while I'm at work. ;)

:lol: Set up a webcam interface and web page so any people can type random things to the dog and watch his reactions

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yea, it'd be good to code an apache cgi module to include this... it would totally rape your server but it'd be fun.

It'd be really good for blind users. Beats a screen reader.

Someone could write a queue module (sort of like Virus Total's), where it tell syou your wait time and shit and how many in the queue before you submit your request. Plus, you can limit it to so many charachters to it doesn't rape the service, say, 2000 charachters per request.

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