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iPod Touch Second Generation has 802.11 b/g wireless.


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How do they fit so much stuf finto these little f*ckers? And, what kind of hacks will be done with this one?

I can see someone creating a one finger deauth, mitm, packet sniffing sort of thing coming to this. And since it's in an iPod, taking it anywhere would be easy enough without people suspecting anything. Have it play some mp3's while doing all the sniffing in the background so it looks and sounds like a normal iPod.

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Umm.... My iPod Touch v1 has wireless...

My bad, wasn't aware it had full blown wireless. Just thought it did that nike thing with rf adapter of something. I don't own any ipods by the way...But as a little hacking device that also plays music and any number of other little apps people have been making for it, I might consider one these days..

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The Touch is an amazing device, probally the best PDA/MP3 player i've owned. You should get one.

I have been using my GPS which has MP3 and Picture capabilities(no pda stuff though). Its a Netropa Intellinav3 which is full touch screen for everything with USB charging and USB to Power adapter for my trucks lighter/power sockets.


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