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hak5 veterans...


when did you start watchin hak5?  

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  1. 1. when did you start watchin hak5?

    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
    • Season 4

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came in late s1. to be exact 1x09. i watched the first ep first but the newest ep at the time was 1x09

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Mid 2nd season was when I started watching.

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I remember I was looking through the forums on rev3 and somebody mentioned that "Hak5 was coming along." And that is how I stumbled upon this show. Somewhere around 1x05-1x08 Don't remember.

Hmm, and now they're on rev3... right back where I started.

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I found Hak5 by accident while watching something on Winamp. There was this feed that had all kinds of shows like SKTFMTV, Hacktv, the broken and some other stuff like a GPS Geocaching show. Hak5 was in there doing I think ep1x02, talking about modding a Gamecube or something into a dvd player, and then doing some wifi test on a motorcyle. Google the name and came here after that.

My wife and I watched for the longest time before I signed up on the forums. We use to watch them back to back while waiting for news ones. At one point she and I were watching them on our tv in the living room(I save them to dvd and my dvd player plays xvids/divx by default :) ) and we saw the phone number for the house somewhere in one of the videos. I think it flashed on the screen real quick or something, so we went back and forth to find it. We called, got one of the guys on the answering machine/voice mail, and then didn't know what to say, so I hung up and jumped online and came to the forums to sign up and see what the rest of it was all about.

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i found hak5 on wikipedia on the grey hat hacking.

i didnt join the forums or irc for quite a while

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Started watching Season 2 episode 2 I believe. One of my instructors mentioned the show, I googled it, and started watching. Technically I think I first watched an episode during the first season, but I didn't really get into it. A year later I rediscovered it and loved the show. I have been on the forums since Nov 2006, I have joined the IRC a few times, but I don't really like it.

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i starting watching from season 1, i kinda know jon, harrison, mubix, and everyone else...

i think i fell into the mix, from my last job, met some people down in norfolk, va and from hrgeeks, and fell into the podcast scene with sploitcast, and stuff like that, or it might ah, been from a previous con like shmoocon,err uhm carolinacon etc..

I am not hardcore like most of everyone else althou, i do spend my time on the irc from time to time, and helping people in va beach with projects etc. some friend were killing time one night, was supposed to be a teaser video for shmoocon 08, but never made it..lol

it was shot in norfolk,va

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